The World Is Not Enough

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Listed below are all the cheats for The World Is Not Enough on the nintendo 64

1. Jump From High Distances

If you want an advantage in this game then you need to use this trick. When you jump from a high distance, IE the top of a building in Skyrail, tap the Up-C button, or whatever button is your jump button, right before you hit the ground. You will hit the ground unharmed and be able to run away from people very easily.

2. Retro Skins

Beat Meltdown on Agent to unlock these characters to play as in Multiplayer.

Christmas Jones
Wai Lin
May Day
Alec Trevelyan (006)
Max Zorin

Christmas Jones will appear in her blue dress, boosting her health slightly and changing her AI to ”Team Player”. Mayday and Trevelyan have a new look in TWINE. Zorin was Mayday’s boss in A View to a Kill, and Wai Lin is from Tomorrow Never Dies. She gave Bond his P2K.

3. Unlock levels and modes in multiplayer

Air Raid Stage Finish Masquerade on agent setting in 3:05 or less
Capture the Briefcase Mode Finish Turncoat on secret agent setting in 3:20 or less
Castle Stage Finish Underground Uprising on agent setting in 2:15 or less
Golden Gun Mode Finish the game on 00 Agent difficulty
Sky Rail Stage Finish Cold Reception on secret agent setting in 3:15 or less
Team King of the Hill Mode Finish King’s Ransom on agent difficulty in 2:20 or less
Wildfire Mode Finish City of Walkways II on agent setting in 3:40 or less

4. Unlock Multiplayer Gadget War

To unlock the gadget war in multiplayer, you must finish the ”Fallen Angel” level on secret agent difficulty in 2:45 or less.

5. Finish the first level in under 20 seconds

This can be done in any difficulty. The first level (Courier) begins with 2 objectives: Collect equipment from the safety deposit box, and avoid civilian casualties. From the begining of the level, head toward the safety box, but before opening the box to get your stuff, punch, or stun (but do NOT kill) the security guard standing near the box. You will see a “mission failed” message on your screen, and Robinson will tell you to come back because the mission was compromised. Still, take the box, and walk away from the level. When you leave, you will still have completed the level. The reason for this is that if you harm, but do not kill the guard, new objectives stops appearing, so even though you “failed” the mission, the two initial objective (Take the box and do not kill civilian) are still sucessful, and thus, the game “thinks” that you suceeded in

The World Is Not Enough Walkthrough

You can find a The World Is Not Enough n64 walkthrough by clicking here These guides will help you to complete the game 100%.

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