World Driver Championship

World Driver Championship cheats & codes for Nintendo 64, This page contains cheats, codes, walkthroughs, unlockables, tips and much more for this game.

Listed below are all the cheats for World Driver Championship on the nintendo 64

1. Drive 2000 Falcon Interceptor

To drive the 2000 Falcon Interceptor, you must win all racing events. Then race the Novice Cup and defeat the Interceptor in the Novice Cup races. The Interceptor will become a staple of the Boss Racing Team!

2. GT2 Ending Sequence

To unlock GT2 Ending Sequence option, successfully complete a GT2 season.

3. Mirrored Tracks

To race the track Mirrored, use the Z button to select a track instead of the A button.

4. Unlock All GT2 Cars

To unlock all GT2 cars, begin a Championship game and at the team selection screen enter: Z-trigger, RIGHT, Z, Z, Z, B, down-C, A, RIGHT, Start.

Note: This cheat must be entered with the analog control stick.

5. Bird’s Eye View

To get a bird’s- eye view of your car press up, up, up, A, left, A, A, A when you’re in a race.

6. Red Skid Marks

Enter the following button combination during normal gameplay: B, Left, Up, Down, Right 3 times, and Down.

World Driver Championship Walkthrough

You can find a World Driver Championship n64 walkthrough by clicking here These guides will help you to complete the game 100%.

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