WWF Attitude

WWF Attitude cheats & codes for Nintendo 64, This page contains cheats, codes, walkthroughs, unlockables, tips and much more for this game.

Listed below are all the cheats for WWF Attitude on the nintendo 64

1. Unlock costumes

When you’re choosing a player for a ppv press c-up, c-down, c-right, c-left

2. Career Mode Bonuses

Win the following championship titles or Pay-Per-View events in career mode with any wrestler on any difficulty setting to unlock the indicated bonuses and/or wrestlers:

European title:
Unlocks Sable, Marc Mero, Trainer, squeaky mode, and new custom stuff in “Create Wrestler” mode. Squeaky mode makes wrestler voices sound squeaky and fast.
Intercontinental title:
Unlocks Jaqueline, Chyna, big head mode, and gives three additional attribute points in “Create Wrestler” mode. Big head mode gives the wrestlers big heads.
WWF Heavyweight title:
Unlocks Head and ego mode. Ego mode makes the size of a wrestler’s head increase when they gain momentum, and shrink when they lose momentum.
King of the Ring PPV:
Unlocks Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku.
SummerSlam PPV:
Unlocks Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels.
Royal Rumble PPV:
Unlocks Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer.

3. All Cheats

To activate all cheats, win Carrier Mode (medium or hard difficulty) using a created player.

4. Offstage Items

To make objects (such as trashcans, stop signs and ladders) readily available, use a variety of wrestlers in Hardcore matches.

WWF Attitude Walkthrough

You can find a WWF Attitude n64 walkthrough by clicking here These guides will help you to complete the game 100%.

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