WWF War Zone

WWF War Zone cheats & codes for Nintendo 64, This page contains cheats, codes, walkthroughs, unlockables, tips and much more for this game.

Listed below are all the cheats for WWF War Zone on the nintendo 64

1. Extra Players

Go to the main menu and press C-Up, A, A, B, Z

2. Interference Codes

During a match, hold down the following buttons to make that wrestler come out and attack your opponent. The only disadvantage is that you’ll be disqualified.

L, R, Z, Up, Block Ahmed Johnson
L, R, Z, Left, Punch BK
L, R, Z, Left, Tie Up Bret Hart
L, R, Z, Left, Kick British Bulldog
L, R, Z, Up, Punch Faarooq
L, R, Z, Right, Punch Goldust
L, R, Z, Down, Punch Kane
L, R, Z, Down, Kick Ken Shamrock
L, R, Z, Up, Tie Up Mankind
L, R, Z, Down, Block Mosh
L, R, Z, Left, Block Owen Hart
L, R, Z, Right, Kick Rocky Maivia
L, R, Z, Up, Kick Steve Austin
L, R, Z, Right, Block The Undertaker
L, R, Z, Down, Tie Up Thrasher
L, R, Z, Right, Tie Up Triple H

3. Unlockables

beat the game using The Rock or the British Bulldog Big Heads
Beat WWF Challenge with Mosh or Thrasher on any difficulty Burp and Fart Mode
Beat the Challenge mode on Medium or Hard difficulty as Mankind Cactus Jack and Dude Love
Beat WWF Challenge with any wrestler on any mode Cool Reflections
Beat WWF Challenge with Farooq or Ken Shamrock Disable Blocking
Defeat the challenge mode with Ahmed Johnson on medium difficulty Ego Mode
Beat WWF Challenge on Normal with Goldust Goldust Extra Costumes
Beat WWF Challenge using Triple H or Shawn Michaels Ladies Night Mode
simply beat Challenge mode with Kane New Costumes
Defeat the challenge mose with The Undertaker on medium difficulty No Meters
Beat versus, tag, cage, weapons and challenge mode on hard difficulty. Rattlesnake
Defeat the Challenge mode on medium with Steve Austin Stone Cold’s Extra Outfits
beat the Challenge Mode with Bret Hart Sue
beat challenge with Owen Hart Sue the Ring Girl
enter the training mode Trainer

4. Random Wrestler

On the character selection screen, hold Up and press Block.

5. Dizzy Spells

To make your wrestler lightheaded every 5 seconds, press L + R at the character selection screen.

6. Display Cheat Menu Items

To view a list of characters and modes that have been unlocked, press L + R at the main menu.

7. Wrestle as Cactus and Dude

To wrestle as Cactus Jack or Dude Love, win the Challenge mode title with Mankind at medium or hard difficulty. (Cactus and Dude will be accessible at the character selection screen.)

8. Beans Mode

Win Challenge mode on medium or hard with either Headbangers.

WWF War Zone Walkthrough

You can find a WWF War Zone n64 walkthrough by clicking here These guides will help you to complete the game 100%.

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