Yoshi’s Cookie

Are you looking for Yoshi’s Cookie cheats & codes for Super Nintendo? If yes you are in luck,,

Here are the cheats for Yoshi’s Cookie

  • Stage Select

    To activate Stage Select mode, set the speed to High, turn the music Off, and Round 10, then hold Up and press Select to change the stages.

  • Enter Cheat

    Enter the password CFGPX-CFGPX-CFGPX-CFGPX

  • Passwords For Puzzle Mode

    Here are all of the level passwords for Puzzle Mode, input them to immediatly start on the level labled next to the code:

    VLVLVLV 1-1
    RHHLV4J 1-10
    KHVLV4W 1-2
    _35LV0W 1-3
    LD?LV4J 1-4
    8KMLV52 1-5
    X5JLV7W 1-6
    .P2LV0R 1-7
    C2WLV6R 1-8
    TC9LV0J 1-9
    CSVLV5? 10-1
    DQVJV4J 10-10
    GBJLV6? 10-2
    _2RLV5V 10-3
    ZJHLVGJ 10-4
    J4JDVY2 10-5
    V2FLV6W 10-6
    ZP.LV55 10-7
    S!BLV4R 10-8
    K?LLV0V 10-9
    54TLVY2 2-1
    B!PLV6? 2-10
    0JYLV6W 2-2
    NH4LVYV 2-3
    BX6LV65 2-4
    Z6QLV52 2-5
    FLDLV4J 2-6
    HZZLV0W 2-7
    R?XLVGL 2-8
    0M8LV0V 2-9
    .T_LVLV 3-1
    R4YJJGW 3-10
    4QKLVGV 3-2
    HR5JVYM 3-3
    J2MJV4J 3-4
    L5WJV5R 3-5
    !_GJV72 3-6
    1Z9JV0W 3-7
    DV7JVGR 3-8
    3TTJV5J 3-9
    5LFJV0? 4-1
    .D5SV4M 4-10
    NQCJVGV 4-2
    1R.JV0R 4-3
    YZXJVGR 4-4
    SVBJVYV 4-5
    GG8JV6W 4-6
    5XPJV5R 4-7
    PJ0JV6V 4-8
    X9KJV0M 4-9
    T8J5V5M 5-1
    2NCSV6W 5-10
    GMWSV4? 5-2
    WBRSV0? 5-3
    ?!GSV7J 5-4
    0_7SV5W 5-5
    !0SSV6R 5-6
    .G3SVYW 5-7
    F9YSVGV 5-8
    S6FSV0J 5-9
    NR1SV0V 6-1
    H.G?VGW 6-10
    DM!SV6R 6-2
    4?NSVYW 6-3
    SWPSVGV 6-4
    99LSVY5 6-5
    2Q0SV6R 6-6
    KWV?V0R 6-7
    16J?VGJ 6-8
    F8W?V5J 6-9
    MWH?VL2 7-1
    .0P?V4V 7-10
    LB3?V7W 7-2
    8CY?V0R 7-3
    .H6?V4R 7-4
    QXF?V5V 7-5
    46C?VG2 7-6
    78.?V52 7-7
    M.1?VGR 7-8
    8_8?V0V 7-9
    YF_?V0? 8-1
    ?M1LV6J 8-10
    W656V45 8-2
    L3J6VYR 8-3
    1SR6V7J 8-4
    YM76V0J 8-5
    WGT6VGJ 8-6
    K.Y6VY? 8-7
    8JF6VGW 8-8
    WN.LVYW 8-9
    7SVLV05 9-1
    .J_LV4W 9-10
    M7?LV6M 9-2
    !8WLV02 9-3
    F09LVG2 9-4
    7X5BV52 9-5
    LF4LV6? 9-6
    C1CLVYV 9-7
    9Z1LVGW 9-8
    0_8LV5V 9-9

Yoshi’s Cookie cheats for Super Nintendo, We have all the Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs and Secrets for Yoshi’s Cookie, We also have PRO Action replay and game genie codes check out below.

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Yoshi’s Cookie Walkthrough

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Answer : Good news, There is a website that has thousands of walkthrough for snes games which were created and submitted by SNES fans just like me and you.  Best of all there are some cheats and also save states you can also download.

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