8 Secret Super Mario World Levels on SNES (Accessed Via Codes)

smw hidden levelsDid you know there are 8 secret super mario world levels on the SNES that can only be accessed using a Pro action replay or game genie? Well neither did I until recently. Some of the levels are very short and some are unplayable, for example on one level you fall strait to your death and there is nothing you can do. One of the secret levels is bowser castle where you are required to fight most of the games boss’s.

Most of these levels seem to be test levels that the developers did not remove from the final game. The levels and codes are listed below.

Level 1 “Whaaaaaaa!”

Enter the code : 173F-ADB0 6D3F-AD20 D13F-AFF0

Level 2 “Big Leap”

Enter the code : 823F-ADB0 6D3F-AD20 D13F-AFF0

Level 3 “Two of a kind”

Enter the code : BA3F-ADB0 673F-AD20 D13F-AFF0

Two of a kind

Level 4 “Beta Level: The Layers”

Enter the code : C83F-ADB0 673F-AD20 D13F-AFF0

Level 5 “Cool Background”

Enter the code : DF3F-0DB1 693F-0D21 D13F-0FF1

cool background

Level 6 “No Exit”

Enter the code : 723F-ADB0 693F-AD20 D13F-AFF0

no exit

Level 7 Boss Fight Level

Enter the code : 763F-ADB0 6F3F-AD20 D13F-AFF0

boss fight level

Level 8 Test Level Access

Enter the code : 7E0DD501 (Use First) 7E0DD502 (Use Second)

test level

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