AD&D Eye of the Beholder

This page contains 1 cheats for AD&D Eye of the Beholder on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game AD&D Eye of the Beholder on the super Nintendo


**** The below cheats are available to use on all games with out the use of a game genie or action replay ****

Avoid Enemies : Enemies can never open a door or go up or down stairs, use this tip to your advantage if you’re on the verge of being killed.


There are a few things you can unlock in AD&D Eye of the Beholder they are listed below.

Level 1 Special Quest – +4 Dagger Guinsoo : Go to the area behind the group of 3 leeches (the one where you don’t find an arrow) and the two goblins. Once you take the two scrolls out of the rectangular holes in the wall, put a dagger into the same hole. There should be pink writing in the dialogue box that says “Special quest for this Level! Take the dagger back out it will be a +4 dagger called Guinsoo.

Level 2 Special Quest – One Ration : Throughout this level you should find carvings in the walls that look like straight lines, if you press them the dialogue box will say “What an odd carving to place here.” Put one dagger in each of the 5 carvings after this is done, the pink writing should appear again and you will get one free ration.

Level 3 Special Quest – Special way down to level 4 : To the left of the green portals you will see R.A.t.S on the walls next to them should be a very logn hall, walk down this hall, and when you get to the end of the hall you should be able to turn right and find a blue gem. Now go into that right turn, find all three of the other blue gems, and take them back out. once you have put them all in to the “cats eyes” you will see pink writing and be able to go down to level 4.

Level 4 Special Quest : After reaching level 4 by climbing down the ladder from the place where you found the blue gems you should ifnd that you can go through the walls to the right. After you have done that and rescued Taghor the dwarven warrior, there should be a chain that is two lefts from the gargoyle that is mounted on the wall. Pull the chain, this doesn’t always work on the first try.

Level 5 Special Quest Iron Rations : Near the place where you found Armun, Dohrum, and the other dwarves is a place called “Pantry.” Put 5 rations in the rectangular hole in the walla fter you take the poison out. They will come out as iron rations.

Level 6 Special Quest : In the place where you found a lot of Kenkus is a place called Nest. After killing both kenkus, put all ten kenku eggs on the floor. The wall will disappear, and you will find the +5 Chieftain Halberd.

Level 7 Special Quest : In the room with 5 portals are 3 rectangular holes in the wall. Put any stone item in the holes, you will find three scrolls (informational, not magical) which help explain the game. The stone items will also remain in the holes.

Level 8 Special Quest : In the room to the right of the stairs in Level 9 and the second right of the place where Turn Around is written on the all, you will find a room with twelve spider markings on the wall, put a dart in each of the twelve holes and step on the pressure plate by the door. The darts will fly out but they will be +5 adamntite darts.

Level 9 Special Quest : In the room with The Key Lies on the Other Side message on the wall, throw any object at that writing, the wall will disappear and you will find the 3 orbs of power which activate the oracle of knowledge on level 4.

Level 10 Special Quest : Find the room with the 3 rectangular holes in the wall and four mantis warriors place one kenku egg in each hole after killing the Mantis Warriors, starting with the hole from the farthest from the door. Four more mantis warriors will surround you. Kill them and take each of their rings return to the oracle of knowledge to identify these rings.

Level 11 Special Quest : In the Room of the levers which Shindia mentioned if you heard her out is the dwarven healing potion that you can take to the dwarves. Take ito ut and put it somewhere. After that, put any scroll in the hole in the wall. Put each level in the down position except the second and the seventh (going either way, there are eight). You will not get the scroll back, but you will get a scrol that gives you a hint as to how to defeat Xanathar.

Level 12 Special Quest : This is the final level of the game, which is the final battle against Xanathar. Save the game before reaching him. After you kill Xanathar, complete the special quest for level 12, and find the throne room the dwarven Spokesman Armun had mentioned.

Pro Action Replay Codes

7E051963 – 1st Character has 99 current STR
7E051D63 – 1st Character has 99 current INT
7E051F63 – 1st Character has 99 current WIS
7E052163 – 1st Character has 99 current DEX
7E052363 – 1st Character has 99 current CON
7E052563 – 1st Character has 99 current CHA

Game Genie Codes

8285 6D2C + 82DE 049B - Infinite HP
828D A798 - No waiting to hit again
CBAA A726 + 3CA2 AD96 - Kill with 1 hit--works for monsters too
D68B-A474 - Pick a lawful, human male fighter and he will be at Level 8
D18B-A474 - Pick a lawful, human male fighter and he will be at level 6

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