Addams Family

This page contains 7 cheats for Addams Family on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Addams Family on the super Nintendo


**** The below cheats are available to use on all games with out the use of a game genie or action replay ****

Passwords – From the main menu enter the below password to activate the relevant cheat.

11111 – 100 Lives
71117 – 100 Lives, 3 Hearts, Sword
W111W – 100 Lives, 4 Hearts, Sword
21112 – 100 Lives, 5 Hearts, Sword
B211T – 100 Lives, All Family Rescued, 5 Hearts, Golf Ball
BB11L – 100 Lives, All Family Rescued, 5 Hearts, No Item
2B11T – 100 Lives, All Family Rescued, 5 Hearts, Sword
BZXYC – 5 Hearts, Pugsley rescued
BLKGZ – 62 Lives, 5 Hearts, all Family Members saved, Final Level accessible.
BLKX8 – 70 Lives
BDSXY – 72 Lives, Granny rescued
B&1&B – 80 Lives, 5 Hearts, Granny & Pugsley rescued
BL91B – After Fester
B&J15 – After Grandma
V1913 – After Pugsly
BD#K4 – After Wednesday
BLS&P – Ending (walk through Music Room)
BLS&P – Final door open
2211B – Maxed Out Code
&#KKN – Start of Game
&191? – Start The Game with Giant Budgie Beaten
99966 – Start with 3 hearts

Get an Extra Item – Watch the demo then when Fester recieves an item, press Start and you will get that item when you start the game.

Hidden Bonus Room – When you lose your last life, head over to the door that says continue. Don’t go through, just keep walking left and you’ll enter a bonus room with four extra lives.

Hidden Bonus Room 2 – In the lower lefthand corner of the Front Hall, press up to enter Pugsley’s Den. Take the goodies, stand in the upper lefthand corner of said area, and press up again to reach a large hidden area with cash galore, weapons, and 20 1-Ups! Outside the house, find a fez near the gallows, fly around the house, and drop in the chimneys for more cash and prizes. Check ’em both.

Hidden Bonus Room 3 – There’s lots to find in the conservatory scenes. In the Conservatory, press down on a plant pot to find lucre inside. Walk left into a certain column in the same area (there’s a shoe floating to its right) for cash in the Privet. Walk right into a wall in Poison Ivy to collect goodies in a Secret Garden.

Hall of Chains Shortcut – Don’t bother trying to jump your way through this difficult area. Upon entering, leap up and climb the chain directly overhead. You’ll go partially through the ceiling. Jump around and play with the controller until you disappear into the Golden Chain. Grab the goodies and fall down the hole at the end to find yourself at the end of the Hall.

Pugsley’s Room – When you go into the house go to the left as where you came through the door. When you are under the stairway press up near the wall to enter Pugsley’s room. There you will find several items to aid your quest.


There are a few things you can unlock in The Addams Family they are listed below.

Snap Things Fingers – During the opening sequence, press L + R to snap Thing’s fingers.

Pro Action Replay Codes

7E00AC05  Infinite lives.
7E00C302  Invincibility
009AB501  Start with 1 life instead of 5
009AB503  Start with 3 lives
009AB509  Start with 9 lives
009AB520  Start with 20 lives
009AB550  Start with 50 lives
009AB599  99 Lives
00A41305  Each $ worth 5
00A41310  Each $ worth 10
00A41325  Each $ worth 25
00CB08EA  Invisible Gomez
00CF3AEA  Invincibility
0196B599  Fast
00816601  Start with 1 heart instead of 2
00816603  Start with 3 hearts
00816604  Start with 4 hearts
00816605  Start with 5 hearts

Game Genie Codes

DFB8-6F04  Start with 1 life instead of 5
D7B8-6F04  Start with 3 lives
DBB8-6F04  Start with 9 lives
4DB8-6F04  Start with 20 lives
9DB8-6F04  Start with 50 lives
BBB8-6F04  Start with 99 lives
DDA1-A4A7  Infinite lives
3CA7-A467  Invincibility
D9CF-DDAF  Each $ worth 5
FDCF-DDAF  Each $ worth 10
49CF-DDAF  Each $ worth 25
DF61-0F0D + DF61-0F6D  Start with 1 heart instead of 2
D761-0F0D + D761-0F6D  Start with 3 hearts
D061-0F0D + D061-0F6D  Start with 4 hearts
D961-0F0D + D961-0F6D  Start with 5 hearts
3CAD-A4D4  Invisible

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