Adventures of Batman & Robin


This page contains 2 cheats for Adventures of Batman & Robin on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Adventures of Batman & Robin on the super Nintendo


**** The below cheats are available to use on all games with out the use of a game genie or action replay ****

Level Codes : C = CIRCLE, T = TRIANGLE, S = SQUARE, B =Blank

Password Effect
B C T S T S S B T B S B B C S T Level 2: No Green Peace
C B T S S S B B C S S S C S B S Level 3: Fowl Play
S C T B C T T C S T T T S C C B Level 4: Tale of the Cat
B S C S S S B C B B C S T S B S Level 5: Trouble in Transit
B B S T C T T B B T B C B T C B Level 6: Perchance to Scream
S C T C C T S C C S C S S B C B Level 7: Riddle Me This
B T T S T S S C B B C S T S S T Level 8: The Gauntlet

Extra Continues : When you are on the last life of your last continue, hit Start to pause and choose to return to the Batcave. Resume playing, and when you lose your last life, your continues will be refilled.

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • Unlimited Bombs: 7E00A409
  •  Unlimited Continues: 7E003809
  •  Unlimited Gas: 7E00A609
  •  Unlimited Health: 7E009840
  •  Unlimited Lives: 7E009609
  •  Unlimited Lives: 80B3B9A5
  •  Unlimited Smoke Bombs: 7E00A209
  •  Unlimited Stars: 7E00A009
  •  Invincibile to everything but Spikes: 7E04A900
  •  Invincible to Spikes: 7E048E60
  •  No damage from enemies: 80B0C200
  •  No damage taken from cars when in Batmobile: 7E048801
  •  Invincible 7E009828

More to be added soon

Game Genie Codes

  • DB86-4FC9 : Start with 9 lives (Not on Easy)
  • D186-4FC9 : Start with 6 lives (Not on Easy)
  • DD86-4FC9 : Start with 1 life (Not on Easy)
  • DB86-4D19 : Start with 9 credits
  • D186-4D19 : Start with 6 credits
  • DD86-4D19 : No credits
  • C988-340D : Infinite lives
  • DD8A-4D6D : No damage from enemies
  • DDB3-376F : Don’t start with any stars & spray gun ammo
  • FBB3-376F : Start with 25 stars & spray gun ammo when starting game
  • 77B3-376F : Start with 50 stars & spray gun ammo when starting game
  • DDBE-3F0F : Don’t start with any explosives & smoke bomb ammo
  • FBBE-3F0F : Start with 25 explosives & smoke bomb ammo
  • 77BE-3F0F : Start with 50 explosives & smoke bomb ammo
  • C9A1-34AF : Infinite stars
  • C9A5-34DF : Infinite spray gun ammo
  • C9AB-3D6F : Infinite plastic explosives
  • C9A6-3F0F : Infinite smoke bombs
  • 466B-4494 : Get full energy from hearts
  • 4DAF-14DF : Moon jumping
  • E6C7-34DF : Super jumping
  • DD8D-C765 + EE8F-CDD5 : Move slower
  • D08D-C765 + E88F-CDD5 : Move faster
  • D58D-C765 + E68F-CDD5 : Move even faster
    Note: On the following three codes, switch off the Game Genie if you get stuck.
  •  E38D-C765 + DF8F-CDD5 : Moon-walk
  • E88D-C765 + D08F-CDD5 : Moon-walk faster
  • E68D-C765 + E58F-CDD5 : Moon-walk even faster

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