All American Championship Football

This page contains 1 cheats for All American Championship Football on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game All American Championship Football on the super Nintendo


**** The below cheats are available to use on all games with out the use of a game genie or action replay ****

Hidden Credits – Hold Select before the main menu appears  to see the game’s credits.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Sound Test

While the European version, All-American Championship Football, lacks the baseball mode of the North American original, it has a sound test which doesn’t appear in either known version of Championship Football & Baseball. The Pro Action Replay codes 808094CD + 808095DB will cause it to appear in place of the Malibu Games intro.

Press Up/Down to change the sound effect number and Left/Right to change the music track number. You can also switch between stereo and mono sound.

Game Genie Codes

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