An American Tail Fievel Goes West

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Below are cheats for the game An American Tail Fievel Goes West on the super Nintendo


**** The below cheats are available to use on all games with out the use of a game genie or action replay ****

Hidden two big hearts – In level 3-2 there is a boulder over some quicksand. Shoot the boulder until it is destroyed. Then fall through the quicksand. Instead of dying, you will end up in a secret area with some good bonuses. You’ll still have to fight and jump plenty (over holes this time instead of cacti), but you had to do that above ground as well. Down here, however, you will be rewarded with 2 big hearts if you find them in their boxes. When you find these, Fievel becomes capable of taking 5 hits instead of the usual 3.

Pro Action Replay Codes

0C8440:D0 – Infinite Health

7E02A4:03 – Infinite Lives

7E02C5:C2 – Infinite Time

7E02FA:5A – Invincibility

0C840B:D0 – Invincible

Game Genie Codes

3CC4-A4DF Infinite Time

C2C5-6FDF Infinite Lives

More to be added soon


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