This page contains 2 cheats for Animaniacs on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Animaniacs on the super Nintendo


**** The below cheats are available to use on all games with out the use of a game genie or action replay ****

Level Select (Japanese Version only) – During the opening cutscene, hold Up+Y+Select and press Start.

Misc Passwords : Enter the below passwords for the effect

CEO, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Ralph, Pinky, Brain, Hello Nurse, CEO, Yakko, Yakko, Ralph All 24 Scripts
Pinky, Dot, Nurse, Pinky, CEO, Wakko, Ralph, Brain, Nurse, Brain, Brain, Yakko All Levels Open
Ralph, Ralph, Brain, CEO, Wakko, Pinky, Dot, Yakko, Dot, Nurse, Brain, Dot Studio
Brain, Dot, Brain, Dot, Ralph, Nurse, Wakko, Dot, Yakko, CEO, Pinky, Wakko Studio & Sci-Fi
Ralph, Wakko, Pinky, Nurse, Yakko, Pinky, Dot, Wakko, Dot, Nurse, Wakko, Dot Studio, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy
Nurse, Nurse, Brain, Ralph, Dot, Brain, Yakko, Dot, Yakko, CEO, CEO, Wakko Studio, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Aquatic 

Pro Action Replay Codes

0CFCC090 : Invincable
82ABB101 : Every coin gives you 999 saved slot rotations
82ABFF02 : Every second coin gives you 99 continues
82ABFF05 : Every slot machine roll gives you 99 continues
839011FF : Higher jump
8390FEFF : Better vertical jump control – can move up and down more than once in the air
83901CA9 + 83901D08 + 83901E01 : Super jump and float
8390D1FF : Climb Walls

Game Genie Codes

DFC8-3D0C : Every Coin Gives You 999 Saved Slot Rotations

D4CE-37AC : Every Second Coin Gives You 99 Continues

D9CE-37AC : Every Slot Machine Roll Gives You 99 Continues

CBBF-47DA + D6BF-470A + DFBF-476A : Super Jump and Float

More to be added soon

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