Arcade’s Greatest Hits The Atari Collection

This page contains 3 cheats for Arcade’s Greatest Hits The Atari Collection on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Arcade’s Greatest Hits The Atari Collection on the super Nintendo


**** The below cheats are available to use on all games with out the use of a game genie or action replay ****

Access Cheat Menu – Hold L1 + L2 and press X

Tempest Level Skip – After the beginning cinema has ended, select the Tempest arcade game. After it has loaded and you get the demo/high score of the game, press Select for the menu. Move down and choose ”Game Options”. Put Demonstration Mode on. Start a one-or two player game. When the game begins, press L1 or R1 to skip levels. Pausing the game and pressing START again will also skip the level.

Asteroids Cheats Invincibility – To become invincible, fly your ship to the bottom-right area of the screen behind the score board. If you stay behind the score-board, you will never get hit and be able to shoot at enemies.

Pro Action Replay Codes

7E00A5:07 : 6 Lives (Centipede)

7E0057:09 : 9 Lives (Asteroids)

7E0048:09 : 9 Lives (Tempest)

More to be added soon

Game Genie Codes

We currently don’t have any codes for the game genie

If you are aware of some codes please post them in a comment below


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