Batman Forever


This page contains 3 cheats for Batman Forever on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Batman Forever on the super Nintendo


Smart Bomb – Enter the level select code and start a level. Whenever you want press Start+L+R to destroy everyone on the screen.

Stage and Character Select and all weapons – At the Title Screen, press Left, Up, Left, Left, A, B, Y

Tip To Beat Final Boss – To defeat Big Riddler in the final stage, you must hit him with contact hits, like using your rocket boots. Anything you throw at him or shoot won’t work. Better yet, use sticky goo then jump-kick him while he’s stuck. Repeat this method until you have killed him.


There are a few things you can unlock in Batman Forever cheats they are listed below.

Play as The Riddler Character – Press start while in training mode.

Pro Action Replay Codes

00ACEE:6006   Infinite Lives

7E001705  Infinite Lives

7E132C50   Unlimited Health

00E62C:6010   Infinite Time but not in Training Mode

Game Genie Codes

Unlimited Lives: C964-CF04
Straight Low Punches deal more damage: EE22-C70B
Straight High Punches deal more damage: EE20-3D0B
Straight Low Kicks deal more damage: EE29-4F0B
Straight High Kicks deals more damage: EE2C-44AB
Crouching Low Punches deal more damage: EE26-14AC
Crouching High Punches deal more damage: EE30-3FA6
Crouching Low Kicks deal more damage: EE3F-3D06
Crouching High Kicks deal more damage: EE3A-CF06
Start with 10 Lives: DBB3-47D4
Play as an Inmate: F43C-3B10
Play as a Clown: F03C-3B10
Play as Two-Face: F63C-3B10
Play as Riddler Thug: FC3C-3B10
Play as the Muscle Rider: FA3C-3B10

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