Bobby’s World

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Riedel Software Productions
Publisher: Hi Tech Expressions
Game Type : Action
Release Date : Planned 1995
Modes : Single Player

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Bobby’s World (SNES) Gameplay

In the game, Bobby’s mother tells him to clean his room. As he is cleaning the room, Bobby starts daydreaming about a toy. After beating a level, Bobby has another daydream about another toy that he puts away. Due to the bankruptcy of Hi Tech Entertainment later in 1995, the game was cancelled.

The graphics are appear to be ok, nothing that hasn’t been seen on other snes games. The characters probably could have had more work in animation, but there is a wide range of stages and enemies to deal with.

A video game adaptation of Bobby’s World which is an American animated television series, which ran from 1990 to 1998, on Fox Kids.   The series was about the daily life of Bobby Generic.

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Bobby’s World (SNES) Controls and Manual

Question : What Are The Game Controls For Bobby’s World?
Answer : Here They Are.
L : Nothing
R : Nothing
A : Jump
B : Crouch
X : Select
Y : N/a
Start : Pause
Select : Nothing

If you plan to play this game it might help to learn the game controls first. If any of these controls for Bobby’s World are incorrect please let us know by posting a comment below

Question : I have Lost The Manual For Bobby’s World For The SNES, What Can I do?
Answer : I have found this website called Games Database which has super nintendo manuals (and art work) in .pdf format that you can download and use. For the manual for Bobby’s World click here

Bobby’s World (SNES) Reviews

SNES GAME REVIEWSQuestion : Is Bobby’s World On The SNES Any Good?
Answer : Below is how Bobby’s World Super Nintendo game rated on popular gaming sites on the internet. This should give you a good idea if the game is worth playing or not. If you have an opinion about this game please let us know about it in the comment section below.

  • = 4 / 10

Question : How Long Does It Take To Complete Bobby’s World On The SNES?
Answer : If you plan to play this game you will be interested to know how long this game will take to complete and how hard people rate this game. You can check the stats for the game here

If you have played this game please post a comment below and let us know what you thought of the game, How long it took you to complete and how hard do you think the game was?

Bobby’s World (SNES) Walkthroughs

Question : Are you stuck on this game or want to find and unlock everything?
Answer : Good news, There is a website that has thousands of walkthrough for snes games which were created and submitted by SNES fans just like me and you.  Best of all there are some cheats and also save states you can also download. You can find a Bobby’s World snes walkthrough by clicking here

Bobby’s World (SNES) ROM Download

Question : Is It Illegal To Download and Play a ROM of Bobby’s World ?
Answer : Yes it is illegal. We will not supply any links to download the Bobby’s World rom file as we want to keep this site legal.  Nintendo have posted the following on there website “whether you have possession of a Nintendo ROM for a limited amount of time, i.e. 24 hours, it is illegal to download and play a Nintendo ROM from the Internet”  which makes it clear that downloading ROMS is completely illegal.

A lot of people say this is a grey area, Some say as long as you own the game on the SNES you can download and play the ROM as a backup to the physical media, this is not true.  Nintendo see ROMS as a threat to date to the intellectual property rights of video game developers.

Bobby’s World (SNES) Replacement Box Art

Bobby's World Replacement BoxQuestion : I have The Bobby’s World SNES Cartridge But Not The Box?

Answer : I have found this website called nintandbox where you can download the box art for this game. It has most of the game boxes for super nintendo games.

You then simply need to print out the picture you download, then cut out the box then fold and glue the box and you will have a great looking replacement box which will look similar to the box to the right.  To download the box artwork for this game click here  If you do try to make your own box let us know how you get on by posting a comment below.

Bobby’s World (SNES) Price Trend

Game Price TrendQuestion : How Much Does This Game Cost To Buy? Where Can I buy It From?
Answer : I have found this great site that will tell you how much this game is worth now and how much the price has gone up or down over the last ten years.  You can also see what the price is for lose carts in good and bad condition as well as a fully boxed game and a new unopened game.  This site also lists where you can buy the game like ebay / amazon / gamestop and also lists how much they are selling the game for.

To check out the price for this game click here

Bobby’s World (SNES) Q and A

Question : This Game Is Hard, Do You Have Any Cheats For This Game?
Answer : For a full list of all the SNES cheats we have Click Here If the cheat you are after is not listed keep checking back as we are updating our cheat sections frequently.

Question : Do You Have Any Videos Of Bobby’s World On The SNES?
Answer : If you want to see videos of this game take a look here for longplays, reviews, cheats and more.

Question : Do You Have Social Media Accounts?
Answer : Of course 🙂 We would love it if you would join us on the following sites.

Question : How Can I Submit My Rating For This Game?
Answer : If you have played this game please help us out by submitting your rating below.  We would also love it if you could post a comment below to let us know what you thought of the game.


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