Brain Lord

This page contains 2 cheats for Brain Lord on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Brain Lord on the super Nintendo


Maps – For maps of all areas of the game take a look at here

Unlimited Fairy Experience – Use the Light Fairy to see, when in the ruins under the city. After getting the fairy, return to the first save location, then go right. Enter the first door from the save location. Go through the little room and go to the next door. Look out for the robots in this room, as the shield will not block their attacks, which do a lot of damage. Go after them at an angle. Use the fairy in the room after the robots. You should now be able to see a small blue square on the floor. Use the square to turn on the lights, then get on the small flying square. It allows you to travel over the electric floor without harm. There will be a few enemies in the room that will always have a ball that increases your fairy’s experience by 50. This may be repeated as many times as needed.


There are a few things you can unlock in Brain Lord cheats they are listed below.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Characters Start with more HP: 016F45FF
Unlimited Life: 7E08C337
99 Hit Points: 7E08C299
99 Power: 7E08CAFF
No enemies: C299C097
Spells charge quicker: 7E08C701
Best Status: 7E08DD00
You’re always faster: 7E08D407
Have unlimited High Gs: 7E037697
Unlimited Hit Points: 7E08C499 + 7E08C527
Have 1 Spell Available: 7E08D101
Have 2 Spell Available: 7E08D102
Have 3 Spell Available: 7E08D103
Have 4 Spell Available: 7E08D104
Have 5 Spell Available: 7E08D105
Have 6 Spell Available: 7E08D106
Have 7 Spell Available: 7E08D107
Have 8 Spell Available: 7E08D108
Have 9 Spell Available: 7E08D109
Have 10 Spell Available: 7E08D10A
Have 11 Spell Available: 7E08D10B
Have 12 Spell Available: 7E08D10C
Have 13 Spell Available: 7E08D10D

Game Genie Codes

B5FA-5DDC No Enemies
33F3-54AC Start a new game and once you kill the first monster
that you see outside the town, it leaves behind an herb but it’s actually
the Crystal Piece from the Ice Castle. Which you can sell for 10000 G in
the Tool Shop in the first town. Other types of enemies may appear if you
go further on (every once in a while).

2DFB-5DAC Slow Motion (no enemies)
2DF6-540C Super Slow Motion (no enemies)
2DFB-540C Fewer enemies, sometimes when you kill one, another
one appears where the one you just killed was standing.

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