Captain Commando

Captain Commando snes cheats

This page contains 1 cheats for Captain Commando on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Captain Commando on the super Nintendo


Special Attack – To do the special attack simply press and hold the directional pad twice in the same direction to run. Then jump and press the attack button to use your special attack.  

Pro Action Replay Codes

Infinite Health (Player 1) – 7E089537
Infinite Health (Player 2) – 7E089337

Nine Lives (Player 1) – 7E0B1509
Nine Lives (Player 2) – 7E0B1309

Nine Credits – 7E1D5A39

1 hit kills – 7E0889FF
1 hit kills – 7E088BFF
1 hit kills – 7E088DFF

Game Genie Codes

SZOVKNVK Infinite Lives
PENTAGLA Start with 1 Life
TENTAGLA Start with 6 Lives
PENTAGLE Start with 9 Lives
GTETLIZL Start with Double usual Bullets
PPETLIZU Start with Half usual Bullets
GTOVEYZL Double usual Bullets on New Life
PPOVEYZU Half Bullets on new Life
VVNVGKSE Start with Machine Gun and 256 Bullets
VTOTONSE Machine Gun and 256 Bullets on new Life
GZOTONSE + GZEVVNSE Keep Machine Gun after Dying
AAOXLZPA Infinite Machine Gun Bullets
AENXZPPA Infinite Bullets for your Gun

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