Castlevania Dracula X

This page contains 4 cheats for Castlevania Dracula X on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Castlevania Dracula X on the super Nintendo


Extra 1-ups – To get an extra 1-up, beat each stage without getting hit. If you come out unscathed , you will receive a 1-up after every stage you complete.

Stage Passwords – Enter the below password to start on that level.

Blank, Holy Water, Axe Axe, Axe, Axe Axe, Holy Water, Holy Water Level 2
Holy Water, Blank, Blank Axe, Axe, Blank Blank, Holy Water, Holy Water Level 3
Axe, Axe, Axe Blank, Holy Water, Holy Water Axe, Heart, Heart Level 4
Holy Water, Axe, Holy Water, Axe, Blank, Heart, Axe, Blank, Axe Level 4 (Alt.)
Holy Water, Heart, Fire Fire, Holy Water, Axe Holy Water, Heart, Heart Level 5
Axe, Heart, Axe, Axe, Blank, Axe, Heart, Heart, Blank Level 5 (Alt.)
Holy Water, Axe, Axe Holy Water, Blank, Holy Water Axe, Holy Water, Blank Level 6
Holy Water, Holy Water, Holy Water Axe, Blank, Heart Blank, Blank, Axe Level 7
Heart, Axe, Holy Water Fire, Fire, Fire Axe, Holy Water, Fire Level Final

Last stage with best ending  – At the password screen, simply change the bottom right fire to an axe. Last stage with best ending

The Key’s Secret – After collecting the Key item which goes into your sub-weapon box in Stage 3, if you have 15 hearts or more, use the ItemCrash button. While to most people it seems to do nothing more than make a question mark appear over your head, if the key itself makes contact with an enemy or boss during this brief animation, they’ll sustain heavy damage. The best part of this secret is while you must have 15 hearts or more to enable the itemcrash, actually using it consumes ZERO hearts allowing the attack to be used continuously! It also has the highest attack power killing most enemies in a single hit even if used regularly as well (Up + Attack) and once again consumes no hearts however to balance it’s attack power, it’s also the closest range “weapon” in the game needing to be used immediately in front of the enemy

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • Infinite Health – 7E00A840
  • Invincibility – 7E00DE1F
  • 99 Hearts – 7E00A299
  • 99 Lives – 7E009E99
  • Have Axe – 7E00A401
  • Have Boomerang – 7E00A402
  • Have Holy Water – 7E00A403
  • Have Dagger – 7E00A404
  • Have Watch – 7E00A405
  • Have Key – 7E00A406

Game Genie Codes

  • C96D-17FF – Infinite Energy
  • 4D21-1707 – Start with Half Energy
  • F421-1707 – Start with 1/4 Energy
  • 7D21-1707 – Start with 3/4 Energy
  • DD29-1763 – Small Hearts Worth 0
  • FD29-1763 – Small Hearts Worth 10
  • 4929-1763 – Small Hearts Worth 25
  • C9A6-3D94 – Item Crash Does Not Use Hearts
  • 6D81-170F – Start with 99 Hearts
  • 9D81-170F – Start with 50 Hearts
  • 4981-170F – Start with 25 Hearts
  • DD85-1D6F – Start with 1 Life
  • DB85-1D6F – Start with 10 Lives
  • 4085-1D6F – Start with 25 Lives
  • 0B85-1D6F – Start with 50 Lives
  • BB85-1D6F – Start with 99 Lives
  • C9AF-47A7 – Infinite Lives
  • 49A4-44D7 – Start with 25 Hearts After You Die
  • 9DA4-44D7 – Start with 50 Hearts After You Die
  • BBA4-44D7 – Start with 99 Hearts After You Die
  • DD6F-CFBF – No Invincibility After Getting Hit
  • EE6F-CFBF – More Invincibility After Getting Hit
  • C969-CD2D – After 1 Hit You Are Invincible

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