Demon’s Crest

Demon's Crest snes cheats

This page contains 5 cheats for Demon’s Crest on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Demon’s Crest on the super Nintendo


Start Game With All Items – To start the game with all items, enter the password QFFF, KNRR, DDLR, XGTQ.

Start Game With All Vials – To start will all five vials, press and hold A at the title screen (the burning background). Kepp holding A until you press START to select a new game. You can’t do this when starting a game with a password or using options.

Play Only Against The Bosses – To fight only the first dragon and the bosses, enter the password RBNL, XHGB, VGBB, LYLD.

Misc Passwords – Enter the below code for the desired affect

TDGM JRMB DBWB ZWSB All Items, Can Fight Phalanx in Final Form,can Fight Dark Demon.
YDQM-RRMC-FJGL-DTSG All power ups, items and life extensions in possesion before fighting Phalanx
ZVHW FBBR VKZS TVTS Dragon Defeated, 1st Crest, and 1st Urn
CDDZ-GSHL-FTGL-FPMR Phalanx’s Palace available early with all possible power-ups obtained (Bad Ending)
FDQP QRMB FGNH GTKL play as ultimate gargoyle
QFFF KNRR DDLR XGTQ Ultimate Passcode (New Stage)

How To Unlock Special Endings – Chaotic Demon Realm(Bad Ending) Defeat Phalanx after defeating Arma twice(get the Ground and Air Crests)
Firebrand’s Realization(True Ending) Defeat the Dark Demon using the Ultimate Gargoyle
Phalanx Defeated!(Good Ending) Defeat Phalanx after getting Time Crest and all Talismans
The Demon’s Seal(Normal Ending) Defeat Phalanx after obtaining the Time Crest but before getting all Talismans

Pro Action Replay Codes

Infinite Health ————– 7E106216

All Health Extentions ——– 7E1E5016

Invincibility —————- 7E103C19

250 Gold ——————— 7E1063FA

Inf Time at Trio the Pogo’s — 7E1DCF09

Have first nine crests ——- 7E1E51FF

Have final crest, 5 vellums, – 7E1E52FF
5 urns, and all talismans 7E1E53FF

* Vellum Codes *
Only use one code per slot and you must have a Vellum in
the slot for it to work.

Vellum Slot 1 Codes:
Hold —— 7E1E3002
Death —– 7E1E3004
Shock —– 7E1E3006
Imp ——- 7E1E3008
Shadow —- 7E1E300A

Vellum Slot 2 Codes:
Hold —— 7E1E3102
Death —– 7E1E3104
Shock —– 7E1E3106
Imp ——- 7E1E3108
Shadow —- 7E1E310A

Vellum Slot 3 Codes:
Hold —— 7E1E3202
Death —– 7E1E3204
Shock —– 7E1E3206
Imp ——- 7E1E3208
Shadow —- 7E1E320A

Vellum Slot 4 Codes:
Hold —— 7E1E3302
Death —– 7E1E3304
Shock —– 7E1E3306
Imp ——- 7E1E3308
Shadow —- 7E1E330A

Vellum Slot 5 Codes:
Hold —— 7E1E3402
Death —– 7E1E3404
Shock —– 7E1E3406
Imp ——- 7E1E3408
Shadow —- 7E1E340A

* Urn Codes *
Only use one code per slot and you must have an Urn in
the slot for it to work.

Urn Slot 1 Codes:
Herb —— 7E1E350C
Ginseng — 7E1E350E
Mercury — 7E1E3510
Sulfur —- 7E1E3512
Elixir —- 7E1E3514

Urn Slot 2 Codes:
Herb —— 7E1E360C
Ginseng — 7E1E360E
Mercury — 7E1E3610
Sulfur —- 7E1E3612
Elixir —- 7E1E3614

Urn Slot 3 Codes:
Herb —— 7E1E370C
Ginseng — 7E1E370E
Mercury — 7E1E3710
Sulfur —- 7E1E3712
Elixir —- 7E1E3714

Urn Slot 4 Codes:
Herb —— 7E1E380C
Ginseng — 7E1E380E
Mercury — 7E1E3810
Sulfur —- 7E1E3812
Elixir —- 7E1E3814

Urn Slot 5 Codes:
Herb —— 7E1E390C
Ginseng — 7E1E390E
Mercury — 7E1E3910
Sulfur —- 7E1E3912
Elixir —- 7E1E3914

Game Genie Codes

  • DB67-C703 First Enemy Takes Longer to Kill
  • D467-C703 First Enemy Takes Less Time to Kill
  • EE3A-1DAF More Flash Time
  • C92A-44A7 Invincible After Getting Hit
  • 6927-CDA7 1 Hit and You Die

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