Donkey Kong Country On SNES Beaten in 8:09

Speed runners have managed to complete Donkey Kong Country on the SNES with a time of 8 minutes and nine seconds with a tool-assisted speedrun.  The run was completed by user Tompa. This speed run beats the previous speed run record by 3.28 seconds.

A tool assisted speed run is where a user will program software to play the game and as such can perform pixel perfect actions

Below is a video of this speed run in action.

Tompa said the following on

A movie aiming for fastest possible completion of Donkey Kong Country without bothering to enter all the bonus rooms. This run is 3.28 seconds faster than the previous submission, due to better optimization in various stages.
For more details, we suggest reading the submission details to understand what is going on.

If you desire more rolling primates, we recommend watching the 101% completion movie.

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