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This page contains 6 cheats for Doom on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Doom on the super Nintendo


Level Skip – In the episode Shores of Hell, on the second level, make your way to the room with quite a few pillars and several imps. Kill all the imps and go to the room with the green sludge, to your right is a hallway – follow the hallway until you enter a room with a demon, to your left is another hallway that leads to a room with two kinds of ammo. There’s a sign that says “exit”. Go in there to skip 2 levels ahead.

Chain Gun Location – On the second level go left and another left. Look across the left wall and you will find a miss matched wall peice. Open the door and press the button. Go where you would get red key (left door) and you will see it opens up to a open area go toward the back and there will be a chain gun.

Hidden Credits – After you see the title screen (says DOOM and has the marine with the shotgun), reset the game and wait to see the title screen again. Repeat this two more times. After the third reset you will see a special credits screen. After that, if you reset it four more times another credits screen. Then after, every fourth reset will show the credits screens (in the same order).

Level 1 Secret Room – Play until you reach the last room before the exit. Then go back to the room where you found the shotgun shells. On the right, there should be a open secret room where you will find the shotgun, a case full of bullets and a first-aid kit.

Level 2 Secret Room – Go straight into the hall about two feet and turn left to a hall. Go down the hall there untill the end then take a right. Wait for the moving wall to come down then wait for another then you’ll find the shotgun.

Level 4 Secret Room – In level 4 in Knee Deep in the Dead, go about a couple of feet, and on the left wall, press the A button and a door will open. Inside will be a backpack and a medikit

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • 5C86E8A9 Heat vision/color blind
  • 5C86E8CC Screen doesn’t flash when hit.
  • 5DFEC58D Start with lots of armor
  • 5FA81503 Select “shores of hell” or “inferno” at any difficulty
  • 5FFAC166 4,000,000,000 health.
  • 5FFAC190 Start with Lots of health
  • 5FFAC1E2 All enemies freeze, but if youget any health you drop dead!
  • 5FFAC572 4,000,000,000 pistol/chaingun ammo
  • 5FFAC9FE Start with Lots of ammo!
  • 5FFAD9FF Start with all weapons.
  • 0080E0A9 15B01996 Heat Vision
  • 00A01003 15F0E915 All Levels available to play in any difficult
  • 00F0C08D 15F0E995 Armor Code
  • 00F0C090 15F0E994 Health Code
  • 00F0C0FE 15F0E996 Ammo code
  • 5DFEC58D 5FFAC190 Start with Mega health and armor

Game Genie Codes

  • Unlimited Health: 10DD-2A7B
  • Unlimited Ammo: 10DE-B25B
  •  Unlimited Armor: 10DD-2A8B
  •  Start with more Ammo: E3EA-B153
  •  Heat Vision (Color Blind) Mode: CBD3-B17F
  •  Shores of Hell and Inferno Playable in any Skill Level: D7CF-F953
  •  Start with MEGA Health and MEGA Armor BDEA-B053
  • Start with MEGA Health and MEGA Armor  62EA-B953

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