Dr Mario

Dr Mario snes cheats

This page contains 3 cheats for Dr Mario on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Dr Mario on the super Nintendo


Hidden Super Mario Bros music – Destroy four or more viruses at once and the hidden tune will play.

Epilogue Animation – Complete Level 20 on any difficulty to view the epilogue animation

Virus Sound – To hear virus sounds, purposely kill player 1. Then hold Y and B or Y and A buttons.

Special Animations – Finish the following Virus Levels on the corresponding Speed setting to view a special animation:

Level 05 – Hi
Level 10 – Hi
Level 15 – Hi
Level 20 – Hi

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • Max First Tetris Piece: 7E0357FF
    Max Second Tetris Piece: 7E0359FF
  • Max Third Tetris Piece: 7E035BFF
  • Max Fourth Tetris Piece: 7E035DFF
  • Max Fifth Tetris Piece: 7E035FFF
  • Max Sixth Tetris Piece: 7E0361FF
  • Max Seventh Tetris Piece: 7E0363FF
  • Start Game at Level 10: 7E03400A
  • Start Game at Level 20: 7E034014
  • Tetris Pieces Never Fall on Their Own: 7E034705
  • Score More Points: 7E0313FF
  • 1 Line needed to complete B-Type Game: 7E032800
  • First Tetris Piece: 7E031B00
  • Second Tetris Piece: 7E031B01
  • Third Tetris Piece: 7E031B02
  • Fourth Tetris Piece: 7E031B03
  • Fifth Tetris Piece: 7E031B04
  • Sixth Tetris Piece: 7E031B05
  • Seventh Tetris Piece: 7E031B06

Game Genie Codes

  • GZNEVIVT Vitamin capsules don’t fall
    To complete a vertical (upright) line
  • GEXPYGLA 5 in a row needed instead of 4
  • IEXPYGLA 6 in a row needed instead of 4
  • TEXPYGLA 7 in a row needed instead of 4
  • To complete a horizontal (flat) line
  • GAKPPZLA 5 in a row needed instead of 4
  • IAKPPZLA 6 in a row needed instead of 4
  • TAKPPZLA 7 in a row needed instead of 4

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