This page contains 6 cheats for F-Zero on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game F-Zero on the super Nintendo

F-Zero (SNES) Cheats

Boost Start – When you are starting any race the word READY!!! will pop up on the screen and you will hear three beeps. After the third beep and before it says GO!!! hit the accelerator for an extra speed boost.

Unlock Masterclass – If you complete any league on the Expert Class, you can compete in a special Master Class

RED CANYON 2 SHORTCUT – When you are at the jumps, hold down while in the air. When you`re finished all four or five jumps head directly straight only if you are at top speeds. There will be a jump. If you are not near top speeds you’ll crash out! Hold down while you`re in air. While you`re in the air you’ll see an arrow with jumps. If you hit it you’ll save some time while the computers are dodging potholes!

WHITE LAND 2 SHORTCUTS – In White Land 2 there are 2 turns where at the tip of the wall there is a aqua-blue end. If you have enough power you can cut through the wall. Don’t cut through if you do not have enough power because the wall takes away some power.

MAINTAIN SPEED AFTER A JUMP – After going over a jump, you will normally hit the track hard and lose about 70 km/h. But, if you hold Down on your jump, you will land and your ship will make a weird noise. You usually reach full speed doing this.

FLY OVER PORT TOWN – In Practice mode, at the Port Town race track, you can fly over the city if you use an “S” right before the jump over the gap in the track. You must be at the far right of the track, use the “S” just before you hit the jump, hold down, and turn sharp. You must aim at the middle of the bend that bends away from you, and you must hold down until you land. This might take some practice.


Pro Action Replay Codes

  • 7EOCF301 Infinite turbo boosts.
  • 7E00CA0B Infinite power.
  • 7E005908 Infinite lives.
  • 7E115000 Always finish first.
  • 0080C9FF Infinite energy!!
  • 008BFBC5 Infinite spare machines
  • 00B82902 Infinite turbos
  • 00E9A7A9 Always rank #1-except if you blow up
  • 0381A501 Start with 1 spare machine
  • 0381A505 Start with 5 spare machines
  • 0381A509 Start with 9 spare machines

Game Genie Codes

  • A96E-A4A4 Infinite Spare Machines
  • DF6C-0F0A Start With 9 Spare Machines
  • D96C-0F0A Start With 9 Spare Machines
  • DB6C-0F0A Start With 9 Spare Machines
  • D484-D404 Infinite Turbos

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