Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II snes cheats

This page contains 3 cheats for Final Fantasy II on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Final Fantasy II on the super Nintendo


Item Duplication – Firsly make sure you have the item you want to duplicate, and enter a battle and select the item option of the person with the item you wish to duplicate. Then Scroll down to a blank space on the item list and press A to place a glove there, scroll back up to the equipped items then press A on the one you’ll be duplicating, then press B to leave the screen.

Next, hold the L and R buttons to run from the battle, press X to see the subscreen, select Equip and the character who has the item, press A on empty spot the item used to occupy, then press A on the actual item that’s now in the items list. You will now see that your character has two of the selected item equipped.

How to skip the Sealed Cave – This has to be done right after the battle with Golbez in the underworld, right after the battle you get Rydia back. You cast Warp and you return to the Crystal Room with the Crystal returned. Doing this makes you completely eliminate the quest of the Sealed Cave.

Unsealed Dark Elf’s Cave – I’m sure most of you remember that if you use weapons, armor, or accessories made out of any metal or any silver in the Dark Elf’s cave. However, there’s a little glitch that can be exploited if you don’t feel like using wooden gear or your bare hands to fight.

Simply put, make sure all metallic/silver equipment is unequipped before the start of any random battle. Then when you get into battle, equip your metal weaponry(and shields, if you want) and you won’t be paralyzed for that battle! Just remember to unequip the items after the battle and before the next battle and you can dominate your way through the Dark Elf’s cave! As far as I know, this works in the Playstation and WonderSwan re-releases, too, but I know for a fact it works in the original FFII and FFIV carts.

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • Max Gold: 7E16A2F0
  • Unlimited Health: 03CAE6BD
  • Life 2 costs no MP: 0F981D00
  • Nuke costs 0 MP: 0F98C500
  • A lot of EXP after battle: 7E3593F0
  • Character in First position has unlimited health: 7E2087FF
  • Cure 1 recovers a lot more HP: 0F97F5FF
  • Cure 4 costs 0 MP: 0F980B00
  • No wait time to cast Meteo: 0F98BAC0 It casts in 1 round instead of 3.
  • No Mana cost for Meteo: 0F98BF80
  • Lots of Items and Experience: 03ED4E01
  • Walk through walls: 00A7C64A

Game Genie Codes

  • No Random Encounters: 1D60-0704
  • Every Random Battle is With the Rarest Enemy In That Area: DA6E-6FD4
  • Unlimited Health: 82A3-6F63
  • Every Battle Rewards You With A Treasure Chest: 6D32-D7DE
  • 5 Per Item After Battle: D926-D4D9 Any Items that drop after battle you’ll get 5 of instead of 1.
  • Monsters Drop Rarest Treasure After Battle: D734-0DDE
  • Cycle Items: 00CE-6D69 To use this code you’ll want to first place an item in the first slot of the item screen. After that, cure or heal the party member in the middle. When you do, the item
  • in the first slot will become another item. You can keep doing this to cycle through items.
  • Life 2 costs no MP: DDBF-D753
  • Nuke costs 0 MP: DDBA-DF53
  • A lot of EXP after battle: 7E3593F0
  • Cure 1 recovers a lot more HP: EEBE-AF52
  • Cure 4 costs 0 MP: DDBD-D4E3
  • No wait time to cast Meteo: ADB8-D483 It casts in 1 round instead of 3.
  • No Mana cost for Meteo: 6DB8-D7E3
  • Lots of Items and Experience: DF30-076E
  • Walk through walls: 0CCA-AF6F
  • Every Step Is Random Encounter: 3C6B-0DA4
  • Selling an Item At A Shop Doesn’t Actually Sell It: 82A9-6FD1 But you’ll still get the gold for selling the item.
  • Items Out of Treasure Chests Give 99 instead of 1: 17BF-D404

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