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Final Fantasy III snes cheats

This page contains 6 cheats for Final Fantasy III on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Final Fantasy III on the super Nintendo


Easy Level Ups – You must have a turbo controller to do this trick. When you make it to the Lete River, set your window commands to “Short” and switch Banon’s “Health” and “Attack” then switch the commands back to “Window” so you can have Banon’s Health as the default command. When you get to a point where you have a choice of going “Straight” or Left set your controller to turbo and tape down the A button. Leave your game on overnight and you will likely be around level 50-60.

Instantly Kill Enemies – First you need the Vanish spell and the Doom spell. (X-Zone could also work) Cast Vanish on the enemy and then cast Doom on the vanished target. This also works on about 95% of bosses!

Easy Win Against Wrexsoul
– When fighting the Wrexsoul in Cyan’s dreams at Doma in the World of Ruin, there is a glitch involving his Gi Nattak attack. In this attack, the Wrexsoul will possess one of your four characters for a time until he kills them. If, in that time, you defeat all of the enemies allying him, you will automatically win the battle despite not having killed Wrexsoul himself. (Note: You will not gain any of the rewards normally associated with Wrexsoul’s defeat.)

Event Bypassing – Let us assume you have a tile you wish to bypass: this tile can be a tile which triggers an event – such as a boss – or you simply a wall you wish to walk through. If you open the menu and quickly press the direction in which you desire to move as it loads, you can walk in the direction chosen, but the game’s hit detection will fail, allowing you to walk into and through walls with repeated use and to also bypass various event battles.

The most famous instance of this glitch is known to many fans as the “Moghan glitch”, in which Locke is able to bypass the guards in South Figaro and head to South Figaro Cave without Celes and in turn instead have Moghan. However, this glitch is also abusable in a number of other instances.

Jump Glitch – Normally, Jump is only intended to double the damage earned from spear-class weapons; however, this can be extended to any weapon so long as the wielder can hold two weapons. If you equip two weapons, one of whom is a spear, the second weapon’s damage also is doubled by Jump. Other exploits can be derived from Jump’s accumulation of active weapons’ properties; for example, if someone uses Mug while someone is Jumping, all Jumps from there on will also have the effects of Mug.

Save anywhere in Kefka’s Tower – First start by getting one of your groups onto a save point. Now cycle through the groups until you arrive back at the one on the save point. Switch groups one more time and go to the party screen and the “Save” command should be useable (and you can even use Tents!). Even after walking around and getting into a battle, the Save command should still be available.

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • All Relics: C28F9ECC
  • All Relics Equipped: C2DF9ECC
  • Save Anywhere: 7E020180
  • 255 MP Per Battle: 7E00FBFF
  • Learn all spells from an equipped Esper after a battle: C2E050FF
  • Learn all spells after one battle: C2E13BE4
  • Unlimited Equipment: C39DAEFF
  • 99 of the item in your first slot: 7E196963
  • 99 of the item in your last slot: 7E1A6763
  • 99 of all items: C2DF2016
  • Adds all Espers to your list: 7E1A6CFF
  • Terra’s Magic becomes X Magic: 7E161817
  • Character 1 Unlimited MP During Battle: 7E3C08F0
  • Character 1 Is Invulerable: 7E3BF590
  • All SwdTechs for Cyan: 7E1CF7FF
  • All Blitzs for Sabin: 7E1D28FF
  • All Dances for Mog: 7E1D4CFF

Game Genie Codes

  • AAB8-7F69 Enemy changes to brown.
  • AAB3-54D9 Enemy is invisible
  • AADC-EDA8 No Enemy
  • AAD8-EF08 All party members are Floating, Stopped, and Reflective in battles!
  • 6794-E708 Makes the XP, Magic Points, Items, and GP keep repeating in a cycle. Turn off  after 2 or 3 cycles or it may blackout.
  • DFD8-EF68 All characters float
  • D0D8-EF68 All characters have Slow cast on them
  • D6D8-EF68 All characters have Haste cast on them
  • D8D8-EF68 All characters have Haste, Float, and Regen cast on them
  • AADB-EDA8 Get HP & MP in battle
  • ED3B-E514 Tincture gives you 999 magic.
  • AA68-E7D8 + AA6B-EDA8 Magic becomes X-Magic and takes only 1 MP
  • AA6B-E7D8 Party hits twice

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