Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

This page contains 4 cheats for Final Fantasy Mystic Quest on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Final Fantasy Mystic Quest on the super Nintendo

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (SNES) Cheats

Double Level Up At Battlefields – Usable with any battlefield that gives Experience points as a reward. Fight in the battlefield until you have one battle left. Then, go anywhere else, and fight enemies until your experience needed for the next level is within the range that the battlefield gives. (i.e. If the battlefield gives around 200 exp. per battle, get your needed exp. to within 200.) Then, go back and finish the battlefield. You will gain the level with the exp. gain from the enemies, get the exp. reward, then gain another level.

Defeating Doom King Easily – Once the battle with Doom King has begun, cast Cure on him, and you’ll do massive damage to the boss. You’ll do about 10,000+ to him. That’s an easy win against the final boss, dont you think?

Life Spell Glitch – On American versions of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, there is a particular glitch regarding the Life spell. Like in most Final Fantasies (and the EU/JP versions of this game), it is intended to be able to do extreme damage to undead enemies. However, a few flags got mixed up in the US versions of the game: in this version, you can use Life to kill non-undead enemies, although you can’t damage undead enemies at all with this spell.

Partner has incorrect resistances/stats – When you lose a partner and gain a new one, the new partner will retain resistances from your previous partner if you never turned off the game in between. Stats are also affected, but do not remain exactly like the previous partner. The new partner will continue to have the incorrect stats and resistances until you restart the game.

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • 16mil Gold: 7E0E86F0
  • Cures after one is used: 00C0194E
  • Defense: 7E1023F0
  • Defense (Party Member 2): 7E10A3F0
  • Magic: 7E1025F0
  • Magic (Party Member 2): 7E10A5F0
  • Speed: 7E1024F0
  • Speed (Party Member 2): 7E10A4F0
  • curacy: 7E104030
  • Evade: 7E104130
  • Bombs do more damage: 02905FA6
  • Bombs do more damage 2: 02905FA4
  • Each Cure Potion heals for full: 00C02900
  • Unlimited Cure Potions: 00C019BE
  • Unlimited Magic: 0285AB3C
  • Jump through some objects:

Game Genie Codes

  • 198 Cures After Using One: 03AF-D40D
  • Cure Potions Restore Max Life: DDA4-D40D
  • Bombs Do More Damage: C1B9-D7A6
  • Unlimited Cure Potions: 83AF-D40D
  • Unlimited Magic During Battle: 7A6C-04AB
  • Unlimited Bombs During Battle: C9B0-D7A6
  • Unlimited MP: C96B-64AB
  • Unlimited Ninja Stars: C9B8-D4A6
  • Random Encounter Rate Decreased: A1CD-6693
  • Start New Game with 99 Wizard Spells: 172A-D75D You must rest/use a seed before the spells appear.
  • Start New Game & Get One Level Per Battle: FD2A-DDED You’ll keep gaining levels each battle until max level.
  • Start New Game with 61k Max HP: ED2A-DFED
  • Your Parties Attack/Defese Increased: 45B2-003F
  • Your Attacks Hit All Enemies OnScreen: EE23-D464
  • More Interesting Attacks: 7A6D-04AB
  • Faster Levels Earned: 6D2A-DD8D

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