Front Mission

This page contains 2 cheats for Front Mission on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Front Mission on the super Nintendo


Getting The Ziege Gun – In Mission 15,move to the top left-most corner of the map. You will find a weapon called the ”Ziege Gun”, which can either be sold for 15000 Huffmann Dollars,or equipped. It has 1×99 damage,and gives 700 exp. on a miss.

Misc Codes – Highlight ‘New Game’, hold L+R, press A+Up. Arena Town
Go to the Status Window in town, hold L+R+Down, press Start to select new face, hold X+Y as well, press B, release all buttons. Change Roid’s face
Highlight ‘Load Game’, hold L+R, press A+Down. Sound Test

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • You have the Valiant Body Part: 7FCFB105
  • You have the Valiant Left Arm Part: 7FCFB205
  • You have the Valiant Right Arm Part: 7ECFB305
  • You have the Valiant Leg Part: 7ECFB405
  • Have A Great CPU: 7ECFB405
  • Have A Great Back Pack: 7ED0F705
  • Have The Type90 Body: 7ECFA709
  • Have the Type90 Left Arm: 7ECFA809
  • Have the Type90 Right Arm: 7ECFA909
  • Have the Type90 Legs: 7ECF8409
  • Unlimited HP P1: 7ED580FF
  • Unlimited HP P2: 7ED60DFF

Game Genie Codes

  • Unlimited Money: C2EC-5DD5
  • Unlimited Money: C2EC-54D5
  • Start with $16,777,715: DDE5-5D05

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