Gradius III

This page contains 4 cheats for Gradius III on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Gradius III on the super Nintendo


Easily Beat The Final Boss – The Final Boss, Bacterion, will die regardless of whether you attack it or not. Just dodge his blasts, and in fifteen or so seconds, he will spontaneously die. Even cheaper, park your ship in the bottom center of the screen, and the shots can’t aim towards you!

Secret Bonus Stage – There is a bonus stage located in the game.  It is located in Level 2. When you fly into the section that is lined with the blue bubbles, look for a hole in the bottom and go in it.

Extended Demo Mode – Continue to hold A through the initial demo, and you’ll see the entire first stage including the boss.

Full Power Up w/o using the code – Choose “speed down” for the “!” option in the weapon select screen, if you can get enough power ups to highlight the last weapon, which will not be visible, and using it without powering up on speed up, you will get all four options, missiles, and the shield. But if you have the laser already, it will be taken away.


Pro Action Replay Codes

  • Unlimited Lives: 7E007C03
  • Unlimited Continues: 7E1E0603
  • Fully Charged E-Laser: Ship: 7E03C60A
  • Fully Charged E-Laser: Option 1: 7E04060A
  • Fully Charged E-Laser: Option 2: 7E04460A
  • Fully Charged E-Laser: Option 3: 7E04860A
  • Fully Charged E-Laser: Option 4: 7E04C60A
  • Enemies die automatically: 7E00DC0B
  • Player 1 Max Score: 7E1F4799
  • Player 2 Max Score: 7E1F4B99
  • Mega Crush: 7E00B007
  • Max Speed: 7E00B205
  • Missle Upgrade: 7E00B40B
  • Spread Bomb Upgrade: 7E00B40C
  • 2 Way Missle Upgrade: 7E00B40D

Game Genie Codes

  • Start with 4 lives: D78B-6DA4
  • Start with 5 lives: D08B-6DA4
  • Start with 9 lives: D68B-6DA4
  • Start with 16 lives: DE8B-6DA4
  • Start with 31 lives: F38B-6DA4
  • Start with 6 Credits: D1C3-DF0D
  • Start with 7 Credits: D5C3-DF0D
  • Start with 8 Credits: D6C3-DF0D
  • Start with 9 Credits: DBC3-DF0D
  • Unlimited Credits: C227-6DDD

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