Illusion of Gaia

This page contains 5 cheats for Illusion of Gaia on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Illusion of Gaia on the super Nintendo


Red Jewel Rewards – During the course of the game, you can find up to 50 (sometimes missable) Red Jewels. By collecting them and giving to Gem the Jeweler, you can get additional rewards alongside the secret mansion in “Unlocking Gem’s Secret Mansion” cheat.

Unlockable  /  How to Unlock
Dark Power (Higher Dark Friar Damage) Collect 30 Red Jewels
Defense Force (Defense +1) Collect 05 Red Jewels
Herb Collect 03 Red Jewels
Life Force (Max HP +1) Collect 08 Red Jewels
Psycho Power (Higher Psycho Dash Damage) Collect 20 Red Jewels
Strength Force (Strength +1) Collect 12 Red Jewels

Secret Level – Once you obtain all 50 Red Jewels, talk to the Jeweler. Pick the final option to be transported to a secret level containing many diffucult enemies not found anywhere else in the game, and a secret Boss, Soul Blazer awaiting you at the end.

360 Degree Attack – Hold A and Rotate the D-Pad Clockwise (don’t push each D-Pad button once, rotate it clockwise not once taking your hand off the D-Pad!). He will attack in all directions

Become Shadow and use Aura – Get to the Pyramid (which is right after Dao). When you are in it, you will see a dark space portal. Enter it and become the new character. Talk to Gaia. He will give you Aura. Press B to use Aura. You will have to see small stones under the floor.

Ending Bonus – After completing the game wait for the credits to end. Kara should be standing next to Will. Wait slightly longer, and Kara will move closer to Will. Wait even more and you should see will standing in what looks like a school, after a few lines of dialogue all of Will’s friends will start to run by


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