Modified NES With Built In Screen

Nintendo Age forum member Silius has modified an original Nintendo Famicom to unfold and reveal a build in screen so you can play your favourite nes games as shown below.  This hack has been completed to a high standard as the Nintendo case still looks exactly like the original console.

Modified NES With Built In Screen

You can even load your NES game in to the cartridge slot as before and play the game perfectly. It took Silius “many” hours and cost a few bucks — the LCD was US$100 from eBay and the aluminium bezel keeping the screen in place was around US$70. He also installed a Game Genie and, of course, a mini speaker. A ribbon cable connects the top and bottom halves of the unit to transfer information from the cartridge to the console’s processor in the base, then back again to the screen.

nes modified

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