Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana snes cheats

This page contains 9 cheats for Secret of Mana on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Secret of Mana on the super Nintendo


Get back into Potos Village – If you want to get back inside the village you were banished from, you must have all 3 characters. Then walk up to the man blocking the entrance, and rapidly push the SELECT button while holding the UP button against the man. Eventually you would will push your way through him, and be back into Potos Village. Note that this trick might not work in escaping from Potos Village, so make sure you have the Flammie Drum before you attempt this.

Avoid magic attacks using pygmy hammer/Moogle belt – Whenever an enemy character casts an attack spell on you or an ally use the pygmy hammer / moogle belt on the character being attacked , do this twice before the spell animation ends and if done correctly the character will completly avoid taking any damage. This trick is especially useful when you are fighting the Mana beast.

Disarm traps in chests (PAL only) – Most likely a glitch, but after acquiring Sylphid and the spell Analyzer, any chest you scan will be safe from traps, regardless whether or not the chest had a trap before that. This has only been confirmed to be the case in the English PAL version though.

Hidden developer credit – When wielding a weapon, hold down L + A on Controller 1, then press R 39 times. Release L + A, then press R again. If successful, you will see NAS, short for Nasir Gebelli displayed on your characters’ weapon gauge.

Mana Sword – If you are thinking that the other ‘mana sword gaining techniques’ are dodgy, fear not. Go to the Mana fortress and kill as many enemies as it takes to get a chest. It will usually contain useless things, but eventually (after ages) you will get an orb. It may not be the final orb of the sword, if not it will be the orb for another weapon. Repeat until finally successful.

Unlimited Weapon Orbs – Go to any chest in a dungeon that has an orb and open it, then use the magic rope to teleport to the entrance of the dungeon. Go to the nearest watt and have him forge the weapon. then return to the chest where you found the orb and another of the same type of orb will be there. repeat this process as many times as you’d like.

(Note: Do not forge your weapon past its highest phase or it will be turned back to it’s very first stage i.e. if you forge your sword to its 9th and final stage the forge it once more it will become the rusty blade.)

The Last Boss – To beat the last boss without losing one point of life use the “mimibelt”. When the boss attacking you have to transform yourself just before you get hit and then nothing will happen to you. You have to repeat this move before every attack.

Level 9 Sword – You can get the lv 9 sword without using the mana spell.

You need the lv 8 sword and Flammie.
Near the Ice Palace there will be a very small island next to it. Land on it.
If you go up and see neko when you land talk to him and save the game.
Hold L, R, start, select, for about 2 seconds, which will reset the game.
Start a new game and keep playing until you meet the 1st Mantis boss.
During the battle (not when they are talking and not after you win) hold L, R, start, select, for about 2 seconds again.
Select the game where you saved it at neko.
When you start the data you will be in the hole where the mantis boss is.
Kill it (which shouldn’t be that hard) and you will get a power up for the sword.
Go to Watts and you can get the Mana Sword.
Note: Do not try this more than once, it will mess up your data. Also you should make an extra data because you might mess up and the you wont be able to use the data anymore.

Hidden Areas – The first one I found is a salesperson selling some good items in the Castle of Tansicia (is that how you spell it?). Go to the room with the bridge.¿You can already see him. Do this:

1. Go behind the bar.
2. You should be able to walk into a wall behind there.
3. Make your way around into the room.
4. You can still talk to the person while you’re standing on the ground.
Note: This second one is completely pointless, even though it’s fun.

Haven’t you always wanted to work at a hotel? Here’s your chance! Just do this!

1. Go to the inn at Matango.
2. Walk into the wall on the left side.
3. Make your way around to stand at the counter!

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • Unlimited HP (Hero): 7EE18271
  • Invincibility: 09FEECB2
  • Killing An Enemy Levels Up Weapons: C04405B0
  • Game Won’t Progress Forward: 00DDECFF
    You can kill bosses/open chests repeatedly.
  • Enemies Can’t Move: 01DA4044
  • Unlimited Sprite Magic: 7EE58663
  • Unlimited Girl Magic: 7EE38663
  • Max Girl Magic: 7EE38763
  • Main Sword Level Up: 7EE1D163
  • New Game With All Weapons Except Sword: 00FE2CC6
  • Earthquake Code: 01D65295
  • Call Flammie Without Drum: 01E6A2E8
  • Gain A Level After Defeating An Enemy: 158BF668
    Try any one of the following codes if this one doesn’t work.
  • Gain A Level After Defeating An Enemy: 16DEFA91
  • Gain A Level After Defeating An Enemy: 16DEFA9B
  • Gain A Level After Defeating An Enemy: 1A87F568
  • Gain Levels: 1889A7F3
  • Start New Game At Level 16: 28A0FDA4
  • Start New Game At Level 16: 80C35944
  • Start New Game At Level 16: C0CE5D81
  • Start New Game At Level 16: CDA9F2A4
  • Hero Will Perform Highest Attack Without Charging Up: 3F87301F
  • Always Get A Treasure Chest: 6DA6846D
  • Max Money: 7ECC6CBF
  • Girl’s MP 99 and Unlimited: 7EE38663
  • Protection From Most Attacks: C0C0BEBD
  • Weapon Skills Increase Quickly: C0C3597F
  • Kill One Enemy To Reach Level 53: C0CE5D8F
  • Enemies Are Scared of you & Take Damage: C0CE5DF1
  • Start with 32k Gold: C0D7B480
  • Start with 65k Gold: C0D7B4FF
  • Items in Potos Shop Are Free: C0FD1EAF
    You just need enough money to flag you for the purchase.
  • All Item Shops Are Free: C0FD1EFF
    You just need enough money to flag you for the purchase.
  • Walk through Walls: C3E0ADE8
  • Unlimited Magic Points: C8E724B9
    Warning: This works for Monsters too!
  • Chest In Elder’s Basement of Potos Gives 65k Gold: CA8E9FFF
  • You can repeatedly open Chest in Elder’s Basement of Potos: CA8EAFFE
  • Magic Skill Increases Very Quickly: D0CDED7F
  • Candy Costs Nothing: D8FB9C00
  • Cup of Wishes Cost Nothing: D8FBA600
  • Medical Herb Costs Nothing: D8FBA400
  • Faerie Walnut Costs Nothing
  • D8FBA200
  • Royal Jam Costs Nothing: D8FBA000
  • Chocolate Costs Nothing: D8FB9E00
  • All Items Neko Sells Are Free: E88F4800
  • Always Strike Enemies at Full Power: 7EE1ED00
  • Kill One Enemy To Level Up Party
  • C0448180
  • Enemies Always Drop Chests
  • C0428A80
  • All Player’s Attacks Are Max
  • 7EE198FF
  • All of Sprite’s Elementals Are Level 8
  • 7EE5C488
  • All of Girl’s Elementals Are Level 8
  • 7EE3C488
  • One Shot All Enemies
  • 7EE98200
  • Unlimited Gold
  • 7ECC6AFF
  • 100% Sword Strength
  • 7EE77BE7
  • Start New Game At Level 16
  • 008A9A34
  • Strike an Enemy to increase a Level
  • 16DE0510
  • Unlimited Energy, Power Up Faster and One Shot Enemies
  • C0C0B8BC
  • Can’t be Hurt by Magic or Physical Attacks
    Also you can one shot almost all enemies.
  • C0C0B8BC
  • Talking To The Air
  • 008B5CD2
  • God Mode: C3E0ADE8
  • Instant Ready Attack: 3F87301F
  • Player 1 Weapon Skill Increase: C0C3597F
  • Walk Through Walls: 7EE20BFF
    Works for Girl Only.
  • Walk Through Walls: 7EE40BFF
    Works for Sprite Only.
  • Instant Charge: 7EE01A2C
  • No Negative Status Effects: 7EE19100
    Also unable to die; only works for Hero.
  • Sword Is the Mana Sword: 7ECC5548
  • Walk Through Walls: 7EE00BFF

Game Genie Codes

  • Unlimited Magic Points: 8B34-EF4F
  • One Shot All Enemies: DDAA-7D6D
  • Protection From Most Enemies: 0020-6DD0
  • Enemies Don’t Move or attack party: 0020-6DD1
  • You hit enemies for 999: E409-8707
  • Every Spell Cast Gives Level up: 8D0D-8507
  • Everything Costs and Sells for 0GP: CADB-EDD7
    Your gold will also display at 0 but that’s just a graphical glitch.
  • Protection From All Attacks: 8208-776D
    Switch code off to kill enemies.
  • Walk through Walls: 363C-770A
  • Start Game With All Weapons Except Sword: A1E4-67D7
  • Start Game at Level 53: 6E09-8707
  • Start New Game With 255 GP: EE28-EDAF
  • Start New Game With 32k GP: 6D28-EFDF
  • Start New Game With 65k GP: EE28-EFDF
  • Start New Game At Level 16: 6F09-8707
  • Start a New Game at level 50: 6E09-8707
    You have to win one battle but you’ll increase all the way to 50 once you do.
  • Chest in Elder’s Basement gives 65k GP: EE6B-8738
    The chest is found in Potos.
  • Chest in Elder’s Basement can be opened repeatedly: EE6C-8738
  • Items at Shops are Free: CE5F-5767
    You’ll need enough money to buy the item, but the shop won’t take any.
  • Rename Your Character: FE6C-8D18
  • Changes the items sold by any shop you visit: F76C-8438
    You can buy Chocolate, The Silver Band, The Golden Vest, The Chest Guard;
    The Raccoon Cap, The Golden Tiara, The Cup of Wishes, The Medical Herb and Fairies’ Walnut
  • Weapons Level Up Faster: 5EA9-E40D
  • Magic Levels Up Faster: 5EA3-5507
  • Every Spell Cast Gives Level Up: 8D0D-8507
  • Weapon Bar Full When Running: 8286-A46F
  • Monsters Always Leave a Chest: 6D0B-840D
  • Change Screens to Max your Stats: DD03-ED04
  • Go Up Many Levels: E76C-0934
  • Instant Power Attack: FE67-AA72
  • Candy Costs Nothing: DDEB-E544
  • Cup of Wishes Cost Nothing: DDEC-E9C4
  • Medical Herb Costs Nothing: DDEC-E944
  • Faerie Walnut Costs Nothing
  • DDEC-E0C4
  • Royal Jam Costs Nothing: DDEC-E044
  • Chocolate Costs Nothing: DDEB-E5C4
  • Enemies Look Different In Battle: BFO9-8707
  • Every Enemy Killed Gives All Party Members Level Ups
  • 6D06-7D0F
  • Weapon Bar Always Full When Attacking
  • 82A0-6466
  • Inns Don’t Take Your Money
  • 6D7D-87A4
  • The Inn in Potos is free
  • C274-8764

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