Simcity snes cheats

This page contains 9 cheats for Simcity on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Simcity on the super Nintendo


Easy Money – First spend all your money. Put the game on the fastest seting and wait for the tax grid to appear. As soon as the screen turns black hold L + R. While holding these buttons change all settings to 0% and exit the screen (don’t release the buttons yet). While still holding these buttons, use the menu to return to the tax screen. Raise all settings to 100% except for the tax rate. Set that to 20%. Exit the tax screen and the menu, then release L and R. Congratulations! You now have $999,999. You might want to lower the tax rate now. Give those SimCitizens a break!

999 extra city maps – There is normally only 999 city maps, but if for any strange reason you need 999 more, here’s a way to unlock 999 more maps. Start a new city, and choose any map number, then start the game. Now select the ”Go to Menu” Icon located at the top of the screen, and choose Start New City without saving. After a short period of time, the map will change, but the number wont.

House Economy – When building houses, make them in 3×3 boxes with the middle left empty. Then fill the center with parkland. This increses the plesantness of the houses, raises land value, and makes more people arrive.

Increase Your City – While building your town build raildroads instead of roads. It may cost more but you won’t have traffic jams.This will please your citizens and more people will arrive in your town.

Playing Tip – Lay low with your money and buy small amounts of everything. Keep low on residential, commercial, and industry. Build what the citizens want when you can afford it. Continue to do this until you start to progress in tax money.

Debug Menu – Load or start a new city, then choose END from the Save/Load menu. When the “See you soon!” screen appears, press the following on controller 2: Left, A, Right, Y, Up, B, Down, X, Select, Start, Start, Select, R, R, L, L. Press Up or Down to scroll through the options, and press Left or Right to toggle them on or off. To activate the selected features, change MEMORY to SET and reset the SNES (they will remain active even if you power off). To deactivate everything, go back into the menu, change MEMORY to CLR, and press B.

Get away with not paying funds – As far as I know, Auto-Budget must be off to use this code. When the Budget screen comes up at the end of the year, set all funds to 0%. Now select Go With Figures. Immediately save the game, then reload it. The game should continue as if you set all funds to 100%, but you weren’t charged for them on the budget.

Stop the meltdown from happening in the Boston scenario – Before you start the Boston 2010 scenario (at the telefax screen,) immediately hold the L button before you start. Keep holding the L button, and then bulldoze the three nuclear power plants. After you have bulldozed them, release the L button and rebuild the three plants. Now you can play the scenario without the meltdown actually occurring.

Tokyo Scenario Cheat – Before you start the Tokyo 1961 scenario (at the telefax screen,) immediately hold the L button before you start. Keep holding the L button, and then bulldoze every square of shoreline. After you have bulldozed them, release the L button. Now you can play the scenario without the flood actually occurring.

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • Unlimited Money: 01BBC2FD
  • Money Doesn’t Decrease for most types of spending: 01BBC2AD
  • Time Goes Faster: 3803700
  • Time Goes Slower: 0380370F
  • No Bonus Gift: 7E03FF50
  • $49,000.00 All Games: 7E0BF9EB
  • All Scenarios Completed: 7E0042FF
  • Village (0 Residents): 7E0BA600
  • Town (2,048 residents): 7E0BA608
  • City (10,240 residents): 7E0BA628
  • Capital (50,432 residents): 7E0BA65A
  • Metropolis (131,072 residents): 7E0BA702
  • Megalopolis (589,824 residents): 7E0BA709
  • Both Extra Scenarios Unlocked: 7E0043FF
    Scroll off the right side of the selection screen to find the extra scenarios.
  • Unlimited High Cash: 7E0B9F0E
  • Continuously Upgrade Your House: 7E0CC901

Game Genie Codes

  • C28A-AD61 – Money does not decrease for most types of spending
  • DD67-DFAA – Time goes faster
  • DE67-DFAA – Time goes slower
  • 0DAB-6D02 – Start easy game with $40,000
  • BAAB-6D62 – Start easy game with $40,000
  • 1DAB-6D02 – Start easy game with $60,000
  • 3CAB-6D62 – Start easy game with $60,000
  • 86AB-6D02 – Start easy game with $3,000
  • D8AB-6D62 – Start easy game with $3,000

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