Soul Blazer

soul blazer snes cheats

This page contains 3 cheats for Soul Blazer on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Soul Blazer on the super Nintendo


Magic Bell – The Magic Bell is an extremely useful item that, when equipped, prevents your Gems from depleting when using magic spells. To find it, you need to get all eight Master’s Emblems and go to the northwestern part of the GreenWood and speak with the Fairy Gem. The Emblems can be found in the GreenWood (two), King Magridd’s Castle (two), the St. Elles dungeons, in the Soul of Mountain House, Lune the underground lake, and the first town model in Leo’s Laboratory.

Final ending – Wait approximately twenty seconds after the end of the credits to see the final ending.

Defeating Death Toll – Go to the screen where Death Toll’s castle is located (where you obtained The Soul Blade), but do not go anywhere. As soon as you get to this screen, there will be two Rolling Squares on each side of you, and one ahead of you. To defeat all of these Rolling Squares, face forward, and move up slightly so that you are between them. Then, still facing forward, press B to use your Phoenix Power. To use this Power, you need the Soul Blade and Armor, plus the Phoenix Magic which you get by collecting the ‘Red-Hot Items”. Repeat this process until you are at Level 35, or higher to be as strong as a Boss

Pro Action Replay Codes

Level Up More Quickly: 7E1B78FF

Unlimited Gems: 7E1B67FF



Unlimited & Max HP


Game Genie Codes

All Monsters in Lairs Dead: DFEB-0F94
You have to start a new game for this code to take effect.

No Gems From Enemies: EE68-646D

Walk through walls: 2264-6FD4

Start with 25 HP: FBE6-0FB4

Start with 50 HP: 74E6-0FB4

Start with 75 HP: 08E6-0FB4

Start with 100 HP: 10E6-0FB4

Start with 127 HP: 5EE6-0FB4

999,999 Gems each time you pick one up: DDE8-64BF

180EXP for level 3: DFEA-ADA1

380 EXP for level 4: D7EA-AFA1

600 EXP for level 5: D1EA-A4A1

1,200 EXP for level 6: F4EA-A7A1

2,400 EXP for level 7: 40E2-ADA1

3,500 EXP for level 8: 79E2-AFA1

4,800 EXP for level 9: 06E2-A4A1

6,600 EXP for level 10: 11E2-A7A1

8,600 EXP for level 11: 61E3-ADA1

10,000 EXP for level 12: DDE3-AFA1

13,000 EXP for level 13: 7DE3-A4A1

15,000 EXP for level 14: 9DE3-A7A1

Walk Funny: DD6B-D764

Kill an enemy for Max Level and EXP: DDEB-649F

After Collecting One Sprite you have them all: FEC3-A7D2

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