Star Ocean

This page contains 2 cheats for Star Ocean on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Star Ocean on the super Nintendo


Hard Mode – To make enemies stronger, at the title screen with New Game highlighted, on Control Pad 2, hold down A + B + X + Y + Select + Start, then press Start on Control Pad 1. A voice sample will be heard when entered correctly.

Invincible characters – This glitch allows you to make your entire party (except for Ratix) invincible. It works by reducing them to 0 HP outside of battle but not actually killing them. As a result, the game will treat them as still being alive, but not apply the effects of any damage to them.

One character with either “Rhythmic sense” or “Pitch Sense”, but not both, and any music level (higher is faster).
One character with neither of those talents, and level 1 in music
Either Guitar song or either Trombone song, and the appropriate instrument.

Step 1: Decrease everyone’s HP to 1. Best way to do this is to use a Guitar song (preferably 2) or a Trombone song (preferably 2) with the first character. You should hear a chirping in the background, and your HP will decrease. Continue doing this until everyone’s HP is at 1 (Ratix does not have to be at 1 HP).

Step 2: Heal Ratix (or at least one character) so that he does not go to 0 HP in the next step.

Step 3: Have the second character use either Guitar or Trombone song. Everyone’s 1 HP will go to zero, but the game will still have their walking sprites. You can neither heal nor revive them now (although you can recover status ailments).

(This is the glitch)
Step 4: Enter a fight. The 0-HP characters will still be active and attack…and receive attacks, but the enemy attacks won’t ever connect. Milly and Joshua will neither heal nor revive the 0-HP characters. Note that if all 4 characters in the battle reach 0 HP, it is still a game over.

After the fight, the 0-HP characters will still receive EXP, and they will recover HP and MP due to Stanima (so you have to reset the glitch). But the important part is that they cannot be killed or even touched by any means.

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • 7E74B9XX Character in Slot 1 Skill Points
  • 7E7431XX Character in Slot 1 Max HP
  • 7E7433XX Character in Slot 1 Current HP
  • 7E7437XX Character in Slot 1 Max MP
  • 7E7439XX Character in Slot 1 Current MP
  • 7E743CXX Character in Slot 1 Strenght
  • 7E745EXX Character in Slot 1 Intelligence
  • 7E744EXX Character in Slot 1 Agility
  • 7E7442XX Character in Slot 1 Constitution
  • 7E7454XX Character in Slot 1 Guts
  • 7E74BFXX Character in Slot 1 Stamina
  • 7E7440XX Character in Slot 1 Attack
  • 7E7446XX Character in Slot 1 Defense
  • 7E7452XX Character in Slot 1 Accuracy
  • 7E744CXX Character in Slot 1 Evade

Game Genie Codes

  • Fight One Battle for Max Lvl/EXP: DD1E-E4D5
  • No Random Battles: 6D5D-7F66
  • No Skill Points Required: DDC3-5F4C
  • Maximum Fol After a Battle: DD1F-E465
  • Unlimited Items During Item Creation: 8E23-87C6
  • Walk Through Walls: 1D4D-E7B8
  • Accessories Don’t Break and Unlimited Use During Battle: 6D5A-7739
  • Invincible During Battle: DDD8-5DA3
  • All Food Counts as Favorite Food: 6D28-872F

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