Super Mario All-Stars

This page contains 11 cheats for Super Mario All-Stars on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Super Mario All-Stars on the super Nintendo


(SMB1) Fireworks – If you finish a level (touch the flagpole) when the ones digit of the time is 1, 3, or 6, there will be that many fireworks and each one is worth 500 points.

(SMB1) 5000 points from Timer – Make sure you’re Fire Mario/Luigi when you reach Bowser. Blast him with fireballs, but don’t grab the axe just yet. Instead, wait the timer out, but make sure you’re next to the axe when there’s about 50 seconds left. Now get ready and time your jump on the axe so the Timer reads ‘000’. Once you reach Toad and the game adds the Timer to your score, you may notice that it changed from ‘000’ to ‘999’. Thus the game thinks you finished with ‘1000’ on the Timer and times that by 5. Note: this does not work on the Original NES version of the game.

(SMB1) Extra Life at the flagpole – To get an Extra Life, make sure that when you touch the flagpole, the last digit of the timer is a multiple of the number of coins you have (Example: TIMER = 231/COINS = 11). This also works with 0. Do this correctly and instead of getting a point bonus, you will get a 1-UP.

(SMB1) Restart after game over – Hold A + B on the gameover screen, then press start.

(SMB2) Warp to World 4-1 – Take a potion to the isolated vase to the right of the door into the building in 1-3. Place the potion close to the vase and go through the door to Sub Space. Stand on top of the vase while in Sub Space and press Down on the d-pad to warp to World 4-1

(SMB2) Kill Yourself – Pause then hold L+R and press select.

(SMB3) Harmless Bowser – At the end of the game, when Bowser uses his jump attack on you, duck if you are big Mario, or stay still if you are small Mario. Bowser will break the bricks, but he won’t hurt you. If you are small Mario, you can run right through Bowser and not get hurt. In other words, Bowser’s lower half is harmless, but his upper half can still hurt you.

(SMB3) Hide behind scenery – To ”hide” behind scenery, simply hold down for a couple seconds while standing on a white block. Then your player can ”hide” behind scenery for about thirty seconds.

(SMB3) Warp to Level 8 – Get the first 2 warp whistles  (Find a white block and crouch on it for 5 seconds in 1-3, then proceed right to the goal)

2:Enter the World 1 Fortress and reach the first door with Raccoon power (you should see a Dry Bones and a ”?” block. Now step on Dry Bones and get enough speed to power your flying meter and fly over the level (Lots of A tapping)

then proceed all the way right on the ceiling, and press Up on the d-pad to enter the door and get the chest.

Now use the first Warp Whistle on the map screen to warp to the warp zone. Then while still in the warp zone (without warping) use the 2nd whistle. It will send you to the isolated World 8 Pipe.

Using a warp whistle to get to the warp zone then using another whistle in the warp zone itself takes you to level 8 no matter where you are.

You can also reach World 8 by using the warp whistle in World 7 once.

(SMBLL) Extra life at the flagpole – Before you touch the flag at the end of a level, make sure your coin total is a multiple of 11. (00,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88 or 99). Touch the flag when the last digit of your remaining time is the same digit as your coin total and you’ll receive a 1-Up. (For example, 55 coins and 275 time left, or 11 coins and 081 time left)

(SMBLL) Infinite Lives Glitch – In World 1-1, go right until you see a Red Koopa boxed in by some bricks. Hit the second brick on the bottom and obtain the Mushroom from it. Then break the third brick and either the leftmost or rightmost one, trapping the Red Koopa on a single brick. You can then stomp on it, and then on its shell like in the original Super Mario Bros.’s infinite-lives trick, infinitely bouncing it back on the wall before you can touch the ground.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Super Mario Bros 1 Codes

  • DBDF-FAAD Start with 10 lives (Note 1)
  •  7FDF-FAAD Start with 50 lives (Note 1)
  • 17DF-FAAD Start with 100 lives (Note 1)
  • C2C1-FAAD Unlimited Lives
  • 6D84-DF03 Unlimited Time

Super Mario Bros 2 Codes

  • DB61-05D0 Start with 9 lives after continue
  • 7461-05D0 Start with 50 lives after continue
  • 7461-05D0 Start with 99 lives after continue
  • C26E-D5A6 Unlimited Lives
  • DF6B-A9A1 Continue with 3 hearts
  • D46B-A9A1 Continue with 4 hearts
  • DD32-6966 Don’t lose any hearts

Super Mario Bros 3 Codes

  • DDAF-A8A3 Fly at any time
  • EEA4-AB63 Unlimited Air Time
  • C23B-680D Unlimited Star Power for the whole level
  • 82BB-0C6D Unlimited Lives
  • 6D3D-6619 Unlimited Time
  • D93E-6C49 Five Coins for a life (instead of 100 coins)
  • AD3E-6801 Power Jump
  • 863E-6801 Super Jump
  • 8D3E-6801 Mega Jump
  • C63E-6801 Ultra Jump

Super Mario Bros Lost Levels Codes

  • C2B6-A455 Unlimited Lives
  • 6D82-0F79 Unlimited Time

Game Genie Codes

Super Mario Bros 1 Codes

  • DFDF-FAAD Start FILE A game with 2 lives
  • DBDF-FAAD Start FILE A game with 10 lives
  • 7FDF-FAAD Start FILE A game with 50 lives
  • 17DF-FAAD Start FILE A game with 100 lives
  • C2C1-D4AA Infinite Lives
  • 6D84-DF03 Infinite Time

Super Mario Bros 2 Codes

  • DF61-05D0 1 life after continue
  • DB61-05D0 9 lives after continue
  • FB61-05D0 25 lives after continue
  • 7461-05D0 50 lives after continue
  • 1761-05D0 99 lives after continue
  • C26E-D5A6 Infinite Lives
  • DF6B-A9A1 Continue with 3 hearts instead of 2

Super Mario Bros 3 Codes

  • DDAF-A8A3 Fly at any time (The run meter is always full)
  • EEA4-AB63 You can fly for as long as you want, until you land
  • E1A3-D60A Start and continue as Big Mario
  • CB69-AC07 + DF69-AC67 Change to Big Mario whenever you go to the map
  • CB69-AC07 + D469-AC67 Change to Fire Mario whenever you go to the map
  • CB69-AC07 + D769-AC67 Change to Raccoon Mario whenever you go to the map
  • CB69-AC07 + D069-AC67 Change to Frog Mario whenever you go to the map

Super Mario Bros Lost Levels Codes

  • DFDF-FEDD Start FILE A game with 2 lives
  • DBDF-FEDD Start FILE A game with 10 lives
  • 7FDF-FEDD Start FILE A game with 50 lives
  • 17DF-FEDD Start FILE A game with 100 lives
  • C2B6-A455 Infinite lLives
  • 6D82-0F79 Infinite Time

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