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Super Mario Kart SNES Cheats

This page contains 5 cheats for Super Mario Kart on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Super Mario Kart on the super Nintendo


super mario kart snes small racersSpeed Boost : A speed boost can occur at the beginning of a race. When the three lights begin to count down, if you press the Acceleration button just before the second light lights up, and you hold it until the race starts, you get a boost of speed. If this speed boost is timed and positioned right, it can easily put you in first place right from the start.

Small Racers : To play with small racers Hold Y and push A at the character select screen, Be careful as you will be small for the whole game and can be run over by all racers.

Unlock Special Cup on Time Trial : Go to Time Trial or 2P Match Race, put the cursor on Mushroom Cup and press: L,R,L,R,L,L,R,R,A. If you haven’t unlocked Special Cup already, it’ll be available now.

super mario kart mushroom boostExtended Mushroom Boosts : When you get a Mushroom item, approach a wall on the track, preferably a corner wall that juts into the track. As you approach it, release B to decelerate and then press A to use the Mushroom and use L/R to hop “into” the wall. Once the wall is bumped, only hold L/R to keep the boost. The boost will keep going forever so long as you don’t bump into anything else on the course.

Continue playing after you lose (Battle Mode) : When you’re on your last balloon, hop over a banana peel. After the music changes and the screen darkens, you can still drive your kart around. You can even pick up items, use them, and the Star music will play if you obtain it. This glitch stops working if you stop your kart.


super mario kart snes 150ccHow to Unlock 150cc Races :  Circuit Obtain the Gold Cup in the Mushroom, Flower, Star, and Special Cups in the 100cc mode.Special Cup Tracks Win the Gold Cup in the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cups in 100cc

Camera Pan : Choose any character and go to any time trial and finish it without making any mistakes. Now, when you watch the little replay clip of your race, press L or R to make the camera swing around your character.

If you are aware of anything else you can unlock in this game please let us know by posting a comment below.

Action Replay Codes

Invincible : 80EAF36C
Makes the CPU really stink at driving : 80FA9312
Allows you to drive anywhere : 80FA9320
Don’t lose coins : 80FA934E
Computer spins out constantly : 80FA934F
All racers look like ghosts + Mud doesn’t slow you down : 80FA9383
Driver can’t move : 80FA93A9
Drive Sideways : 80FA93AB
Kart goes bezerk and keeps spinning. : 80FA93B3
Making turns doesn’t slow you down (no friction) : 80FA93E2
Awesome Donkey Kong Jr. : 80FA93E8
Instant top speed/Instant stop : 80FA93EE
Can’t pick up coins, ? marks : 80FA93F1
Mud and other land doesn’t effect driving : 80FA93F5

Game Genie Codes

The Princess becomes invisible : 63B6-F4F6
Nothing will effect your driving : 759D-C8B4
Get an unlimited supply of Continues : 7E01-5404
On lap 5 there will be no BGM : 808A-731C
Change Princess to Mario : 8090-8640
Chang Donkey Kong Jr. into Red Yoshi : 8090-8844
Change Koopa into Mario : 8090-8A40
Steering becomes much more sensitive : 80AA-2316
You will always be in in last place : 80AA-23C1
Drive on a dustry track : 80AA-23F2
Become invisible : 80EA-B3DE
Enables you to fly : 80EA-B3FE
Become Invincible : 80EA-F36C
The CPU is worse than normal : 80FA-9312
Drive anywhere you want to : 80FA-9320
You will never loose any coins : 80FA-934E
The CPU will spin out constantly: 80FA-934F
Everybody will look like ghost cars : 80FA-9383
Nobody will be able to move : 80FA-93A9
Drive Sideways : 80FA-93AB
You will spin out constantly : 80FA-93B3
There will be no friction : 80FA-93E2
Awesome Donkey Kong Jr. : 80FA-93E8
Instant top speed/Instant stop : 80FA-93EE
Can’t pick up coins, ? marks : 80FA-93F1

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