Super Metroid

This page contains 4 cheats for Super Metroid on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Super Metroid on the super Nintendo


Viewing All The Games Endings – Below is a list of how you can view all game endings
2nd Best Ending Beat the game within 3:01-10:00
Best Ending Beat the game in under 3 hours
Easiest ending Beat the game making sure your file has more than 10 hours on it.

Charge Hyper Beam – Using this glitch, you can effectively charge and fire a Hyper Beam shot. To execute it, simply hold down the fire button during the final Zebes countdown and make sure the first shot that is fired opens a blue door. Now, before the next shot is fired, head through the door. The charging sound will play and once you exit the door you will fire a large beam shot.

Higher Jump – In Super Metroid, when you get the Gravity Suit, you can move underwater freely. However, there is a trick that you can use to jump higher underwater. First, find a location that is fully submerged in water. Try a room in Maridia or the room before Lower Norfair (the ones with filled with Lava) Next, hold the jump button. Immediatly after you press it, press pause. Go to the inventory menu and switch off the gravity suit. Hold the jump button and unpause the game. You will jump higher than normal. Use this trick to get the screw attack before the space jump.

Murder Beam – By equiping all five beams at the game time you can kill Motherbrain pretty easily.  To equip all five beams at the same time go into the equipment screen in the Sub-Menu. You will notice that the Spazar Beam in unequiped because the Plazma Beam cancels out the Spazar. Equip the Spazar Beam (thus unequiping the Plazma Beam) then move the curser over to one of the Boot Upgrades. Hit Left and the A Button at the same time to equip the Plazma Beam. If you did it right then the letters Var should appear next to the Plazma Beam.To complete the glitch you must first charge your beam before equiping all five beams. After your beam is charged all the way , equip all five beam the way I decirbed above the fire it at say Motherbrains head (when it’s laying on the ground). If you did it right then an orange orb should stay behind and contanly hit Motherbrain. Equip your beams reqularly.

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • Unlimited Energy: 7E09C263
  • Untouchable: 7E18A84C Bosses can still grab you and acid still hurts.
  • Metroid’s Health: 7E100D00
  • Kill Most Enemies On Contact: 7E0A6E0F
  • Crateria Mapped: 7ED908FF
  • Brinstar Mapped: 7ED909FF
  • Norfair Mapped: 7ED90AFF
  • Wrecked Ship Mapped: 7ED90BFF
  • Maridia Mapped: 7ED90CFF
  • Tourain Mapped: 7ED90DFF
  • Have Missles: 7E09C801
  • Unlimited Super Missles: 7E09CA50
  • Have Super Missles: 7E09CC01
  • Unlimited Power Bomb: 7E09CE50
  • Have Power Bomb: 7E09D001
  • Lay Normal Bombs Faster: 7E0CD200
  • Super Charge at all times: 7E0ACC01
  • You get Super Bombs and Normal Bombs at Start of Game: 7E09D164
  • Start New Game with Reserve Tank: 7E09D164
  • Unlimited Missles and Super Missles: 90BEBFA7
  • Missles Shoot Very Fast: 90BE6FAD
  • Super Missles Shoot Very Fast: 90BEC4AD
  • Unlimited Super Bombs: 90C02DEA

Game Genie Codes

  • DD38-C4A8 Skip intro and start on Planet Zebes when starting a new game
  • DDCF-4461 + 6DCC-47A1 Select area when loading a game (press right on map screen to select)
  • C225-3005 No energy loss from enemies
  • C22A-456D Super jumps don’t drain energy
  • C288-C5A7 Almost infinite missiles
  • C28A-C9D7 Almost infinite super missiles
  • 3CA4-450D Almost infinite super bombs
  • 62C5-14A6 Start with hyper gun in inventory
  • E7D7-FAAD + DFD7-FA6D Start with about 500 energy tanks
  • 88D7-FAAD + D4D7-FA6D Start with about 700 energy tanks
  • 35D7-FAAD + D7D7-FA6D Start with about 1000 energy
  • CED7-FAAD + D0D7-FA6D Start with about 1200 energy
  • 28D7-FAAD + D9D7-FA6D Start with about 1500 energy
  • DCD7-F26D Maximum missiles=10
  • FBD7-F26D Maximum missiles=25
  • 74D7-F26D Maximum missiles=50

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