Super Punch Out

This page contains 4 cheats for Super Punch Out on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Super Punch Out on the super Nintendo


Special Ending – To see special ending scenes, simply beat the Special Circuit without losing. It’ll show new scenes along with the ones normally shown.

How to change the position of your challengers hands – If you hold up until the ding of the bell, your challengers hands will be up and ready to block jabs. If you do not hold anything, after the ding, your challengers hands will be down, ready to block body blows. This is useful if your trying to get a strategy to work. This works at the beginning of the fight and when they get up from knock-downs.

Misc Codes – Highlight ”New Game” and press X+A. Enter your name in Japanese
When the Nintendo logo appears, hold the L+R buttons on Controller 2. Listen to the sound effects and music with Controller 1. Sound Test

Special circuit – Have a 4-0 score on the Minor, Major and World Circuits

Pro Action Replay Codes

  • 00C39401 Most opponents stay down for the count
  • 00C494AD Some special attacks don’t hurt much
  • 00C80305 Both fighters gain max energy after making a hit
  • 00C824AD Infinite energy from most punches
  • 00F2E8A5 Infinite match time
  • 019EBBAD Infinite rematches
  • 7E089F50 Infinite Energy
  • C797F272 Mike Tyson Code
  • 15C02943 Start with 5 rematches
  • 15C02943 Start with 8 rematches

Game Genie Codes

  • 00C3-9401 Your opponents are much easier than normal
  • 00C4-94AD Special Attacks are weaker than normal
  • 00C8-0305 After you get hit, your energy bar will refill
  • 00C8-24AD Gain an unlimited supply of Energy from most punches
  • 00F2-E8A5 Get an unlimited supply of Match Time
  • 019E-BBAD Get an unlimited supply of Rematches
  • 7E08-9F50 Get an unlimited supply of Energy
  • C797-F272 Unlock Mike Tyson

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