Street Fighter II Alpha

This page contains 5 cheats for Street Fighter II Alpha on the super nintendo.  We have cheats, codes, tips, walkthroughs, easter eggs and much more.

Below are cheats for the game Street Fighter II Alpha on the super Nintendo


Fight against Shin Akuma – Beat the game without losing a round with 5 or more perfect victories or using a continue.

Misc Codes – Go to versus mode and put the cursor on Sagat. Then hold: Start for five seconds. Finally press any button. Australia Stage
On the select screen, move to Chun-li and hold Start then press any other button to select her. Chun-li’s hidden costume
While selecting a character quickly press: L,Y,B Get Alternate Costumes

Choose a Victory Pose – After you defeat your opponent, but before the K.O. sign appears, hold Select and either one of the Punch or Kick buttons to choose from up to 6 different victory poses. Note : Not all characters have 6 poses.

Fight Mid-Level Rivals – When playing in Arcade Mode, win your first five matches with five or more Custom Comb or Super Combo finishes on any round. If done successfully, you’ll then face a mid-level rival before your sixth match (for example, if you play as Ryu, you mid-level rival would be Sakura, if you play as Sagat, your mid-level rival would be Adon).

Unlockables – Start the game in Arcade mode by choosing your character with a punch button (kick button for player 2). Fight seven matches without losing a round and get more than three perfect wins. Fight Shin Akuma
Play through five matches in arcade mode without losing a round, and get at least six super combo or custom combo finishes. New Mid-level Bosses
Highlight Chun-Li at the character select screen, hold Select for five seconds and press any button. Original Chun Li


Pro Action Replay Codes

  • 7E07C8:00 Color Select P1
  • 7E0A48:00 Color Select P1
  • 7E0738:BE Gravity P1
  • 7E09B8:BE Gravity P2
  • 7E073E:90 Infinite Health – Player 1
  • 7E09BE:90 Infinite Health P2
  • 7E07BE:90 Infinite Power P1
  • 7E0A3E:90 Infinite Power P2
  • 7E0788:00 Max Corner P1
  • 7E0A08:00 Max Corner P2
  • 7E072E:00 Moves Cancel P1
  • 7E09AE:00 Moves Cancel P2
  • 7E07C1:00 Never Get Dizzied P1
  • 7E0A41:00 Never Get Dizzied P2
  • 7E07AD:00 No Fireball Limit P1
  • 7E0A2D:00 No Fireball Limit P2
  • 7E1C27:12 Play as Chun-li SF2 P1 (Active on “Player Select” screen)
  • 7E1C4F:12 Play as Chun-li SF2 P2 (Active on “Player Select” screen)
  • 7E1C27:14 Play as SHIN AKUMA P1 (Active on “Player Select” screen)
  • 7E1C4F:14 Play as SHIN AKUMA P2 (Active on “Player Select” screen)

Game Genie Codes

  • D002-EDD5: No charging required for some special moves
  • DD47-8DD1: Some special moves can be done in the air
  • 3C10-7467 + 3C10-74A7: Do not take damage except from throws or grabs for both players
  • DD10-7707: 1st normal hit wins except throws or grabs
  • 1077-7F61: Dizziness does not last
  • 4A9C-7FDF: Both players start with 1/4 health
  • 969C-7FDF: Both players start with 1/2 health
  • 609C-7FDF: Both players start with 3/4 health
  • CB17-8FAD + 7D17-84DD: Every hit sets opponent on fire
  • CB17-8FAD + F617-84DD: Every hit sets the opponent on fire and knocks him down
  • CB17-8FAD + FC17-84DD: Every hit zaps the opponent and knocks him down
  • CB17-8FAD + FA17-84DD: Every hit knocks the opponent down

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